Monday, November 28, 2011

What Not To Do - Day Before Thanksgiving Edition

Lesson Learned #1: Never, never, never take 4 kids grocery shopping on the day before Thanksgiving.

Lesson Learned #2: Never take your 4 kids to Sears for portraits. Not on any day, but especially not on the day before Thanksgiving unless you LIKE to spend 90 futile minutes attempting to get all of them to look at the camera while smiling and in perfectly balanced formation. Seriously, people. I'm not looking for perfection, I'm looking for NICE. Snap away, stop trying to get them all to look up, hold position, AND smile, for heaven's sake ! Now I remember why I stopped taking them to a studio. Exactly 5 pics taken, none of which were worth buying. We gave up when it became apparent the baby was on the verge of total meltdown.

Lesson Learned #3: No matter what - don't get distracted by the phone call and forget.... to get gas. Another 90 minutes wasted there, folks, but then again, I wouldn't have caught this sweet sibling moment if it weren't for being stranded on the side of the road, now would I? What's even better? After calling half my contacts list to recruit some help here, it was eventually the baby who accidentally dialed someone who not only picked up the phone on their busy afternoon, but dropped everything and came right to our rescue!

Lesson Learned #4: Never try to take away a winter Oreo (with the incredibly messy red filling) from a baby that's been rudely awakened from two naps, forced to play nice for the weird picture people, and been strapped in a carseat while the car was stranded on the side of the road for too long!

Lesson Learned #5: All the craziness and shenanigans earlier in the day does not provide an excuse for shirking all the holiday baking I should have been doing instead of hanging out on the side of the road! Bread rolls and desserts done by 10:30, then it was off to bed for me.

I was totally determined to sleep in on Thanksgiving. Anyone taking any bets as to what time the coffee pot was perking?

That's okay. Lessons learned for next year. Memories made for this year.

My motto as a mom of four? Never be in a hurry!

Don't sweat the small stuff! (It tasted good, I promise)

And Count Your Blessings.


Raini said...

That was a fantastic post. I took Levi shopping on wednesday too. One kid was hard, I can't imagine four!! Great pictures. But why take them in to get pics when you do such an amazing job... Oh wait. No camera :(. I'm going to guess that the person taking pics was NOT a parent. LOL

Nabila Grace said...

Love it! Hey being in a hurry is a mom's M.O ;o)


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