Monday, July 24, 2006

Sunset over Lake Michigan at Charlevoix. We went up there for a rodeo on Tuesday night with a few friends, then went to Dairy Queen and on down and walked on the beach just as it was getting dark. We skipped rocks and dug our toes in the warm sand. The water was so warm it was almost like bath water. July 18, 2006  Posted by Picasa
The lighthouse on the pier at Charlevoix. July 18, 2006. Posted by Picasa
Hey, Uncle Jake! Josh knows exactly what to do with his chainsaw! Look at the pressure he's putting on it! July 24, 2006. Posted by Picasa
Tucker-roo! He's getting bigger, very cute, and with an eagerness to please that makes training him a lot easier than with most puppies! He still chews A LOT though! July 24, 2006. Posted by Picasa
"What are you doing, Joshua?" ... "I'm taking a bath!".... There was about 3 cups of rainwater in the corner of his wagon! Plenty enough to get clean with. July 24, 2006. Posted by Picasa
Climbing my leg! The kittens will be six weeks old on the 26th, time to find some homes for them! Anyone need a kitten.... anyone... July 23, 2006. Posted by Picasa
Boy, these are comfy boots! July 23, 2006. Posted by Picasa
This is the cute one, very friendly and adventurous, and Colby calls her "Freaky Janet". She used to be called Freaky John until I told Colby "he" was actually a her. July 22, 2006.  Posted by Picasa
A kitten in the basket, going for a ride with Toad! July 22, 2006. Posted by Picasa
Fireworks! July 22, 2006. Posted by Picasa
A happy little girl! She is 8 months old now, and has her first tooth, but try as we might, we couldn't get a picture of it! July 22, 2006. Posted by Picasa
Am I cute? Well, I suppose so... July 22, 2006 Posted by Picasa
Just hanging out in the yard with Daddy on Sabbath afternoon! July 22, 2006. Posted by Picasa
Emmy's first taste of grass! Not too good apparently! July 22, 2006. Posted by Picasa

Monday, July 17, 2006

Aren't these the cutest kids in the world?! Joshua and Emma Leigh taking a ride in the wagon back to the V to see Grandma and Grandpa M, Thursday July 13, 2006. Posted by Picasa

Saturday, July 15, 2006

One of the first things that greeted me when we got to my parents' house was our Becky dog, getting old and slower now, but still singing every time one of her people comes home! June 28, 2006. Posted by Picasa
The little cracker muncher! The first hot day we let Emmy sit in the highchair in the shade since she has always had such an aversion to water, but the second day I stuck her in her cute bathing suit and stuck her in the pool with the rest of us! After a few seconds she relaxed and enjoyed the cool water! Unfortunately, I don't have any pictures of that because my hands were pretty full! (But Mom does, so maybe she'll email me some!) And in other news, sometime between leaving my parents' house and getting home to our house, Emma Leigh grew her first tooth! No wonder she was fussy sometimes! June 29, 2006. Posted by Picasa
Scotty, Joshie, and Jali in Grandma's pool, cooling off on a HOT day! (Don't worry, there are adults in the pool, we just made sure we weren't showing our bathing-suit clad selves in the pictures!! June 29, 2006 Posted by Picasa
Josh and Jali in the pool learning how to keep their heads above water when the floor was slippery! After Jali got in and promptly lost her footing and dunked herself ("I'm just a little bugger!!!") she took extra extra precautions to make sure it didn't happen again - she has a floaty swimsuit on, a ring around her waist, And rings on her arms! June 29, 2006 Posted by Picasa
After the kids got out, it was our turn to have some fun in the pool! June 29, 2006 Posted by Picasa
Silly girls! How old are we again? June 29, 2006 Posted by Picasa
Josh and Jali. June 29, 2006 Posted by Picasa
Scott and Jali eating "Popasicles" on Jali's princess couch. June 29, 2006 Posted by Picasa
The first few days we were there were pretty hot, and when it cooled off in the evening we'd all go out and sit on the deck. We listened to the night hawk while the kids played. This is Lisa, Jali and Lisa's brother Tom on the swing, with Lissette pushing a toy on the deck. June 29, 2006 Posted by Picasa
Uncle Mike with Emmy and Lissette. Emmy is almost 8 months here and Lissette is almost 15 months, but they aren't that different in size! Lissette is a petite bebe and Emmy's a round little chubber (hey, she started out at 9 lbs. 2 oz, remember?!) and Lissette just had the flu, too. But they both have slightly reddish hair, and maybe just a little bit of a curl. July 1, 2006 Posted by Picasa


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