Friday, July 06, 2007

Our 4th of July

We have become a family of 5, which, I've learned, is extremely hard to photograph! We had Colby's cousin Josie take about a dozen pictures of us sitting here, and these are the best 3! LOL! We took Josh's gator with us, and Josh, Emmy, Ethan, and Donovan (3rd cousins) all had fun. There was a small kiddie pool there, too, but that mostly got taken over by the older cousins and the squirt guns. The food was great, lots of family, and it was a fun day. The girls and I went home early in the evening, and Josh and Colby came home around bedtime. We all went to bed before the fireworks, but our neighbors' fireworks display is in a couple of weeks and always is better than spending a few hours huddling on a Torch River bridge hillside waiting for it to get dark enough to barely catch a glimpse of them over the trees. So that was our little 4th of July, how was yours?

Elayna's 1st Fourth

Emmy's Hair

Emmy's hair is getting long, and she is looking like a big girl more and more. .... But she's not quite so cute when she's throwing a fit, is she?!

Big Girl

Elayna is growing out of her bassinet, so Emmy moved out of the crib and into her toddler bed! She is still in the same room, and the girls will start sharing next week when Elayna moves into the crib. July 1, 2007

Josh hanging out

In Emmy's room as we made the transition to toddler bed. July 1, 2007

Elayna is 8 weeks old!

She's becoming more and more aware of things around her and starting to coo and gurgle and smiles at everyone! July 1, 2007

Sabbath Afternoon

After lunch we went outside to feed the horses some corn cobs and Emmy sat on Fancy. Josh and Elayna were still sleeping, so they missed all the excitement. It was a relaxing afternoon and pleasant cool weather. June 30, 2007.

Emmy Cutie

Playing out in the yard while we looked at the truck. June 29, 2007

The New Truck

So a couple of weeks ago we drove down to Virginia to retrieve a truck Colby had bought from some old friends. But the truck never made it here until last Friday, after it broke down just east of Indianapolis and had to be towed back to IA by Travis and Raini, who live nearby. So 5 days later Colby drove back down and brought it home on a trailer - and here it is! June 29, 2007


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