Wednesday, May 23, 2007

11 days old

Here are some more pictures of Elayna, this time a little more awake and aware of things! And doing a little bit of squeaking too! May 18, 2007.

Eatin' Crackers

Josh and Emmy, sitting on the treadmill they call a train, eating some crackers they snuck from the kitchen when no one was looking. May 18, 2007.

All Three Kids

Here they are! All three of my kiddos! Cute little bunch aren't they? May 16, 2007.

Riding the Horsey

Josh is trying to teach Emmy how to ride on his horsey the way a little sister should, behind big brother and holding on tight, even when the horse bucks them off... he doesn't quite see the problem in landing on her. May 15, 2007.

Josh on the trampoline

Here's some fun pics of Josh playing on the trampoline. May 14, 2007.

Grandma's last night on the farm

Josh had so much fun playing with Grandma on the trampoline! He begged her one last time to play with him before she left in the morning. May 14, 2007.

Emmy's Curlers

Emmy was so fascinated by Grandma's hair curlers I had to do a little experimenting on her! That lasted about 2 minutes as you can see! May 14, 2007.


Tuesday, May 15, 2007


She is still nursing like a champ, and filling out all of her little newborn wrinkles! She's lost some of her newborn baby look and is just so adorable! Four years ago on Mother's Day I was out in Washington visiting my family. At the time I was pregnant with Josh, and my Dad gave me a beautiful little rosebud, not yet bloomed, like me, who had yet to blossom into full motherhood. It's hard to believe that here I am, four years later, a mother of three! Happy (belated) Mother's Day to my Mom, Mothers-in-law, Grandmas, Aunts, and my 3 Sisters-in-law, who are all wonderful mothers! May 13, 2007.

Time for a Haircut!

Josh finally got a much needed haircut! Josh does NOT particularly think haircuts are necessary. May 13, 2007.

Me and My Kids

Here we are, all crowded onto the chair again but this time Elayna isn't being "squished" by her siblings! Josh is happy and excited to have her around, but Emmy's still not sure. But soon my two girls will be inseperable! May 12, 2007.

Outing at the Irrigation Pond

Colby has a knack for finding Petoskey Stones at this irrigation pond on his family's potato farm. After a nice drive we stopped here for a little picnic and to find some petoskey stones for Mom to take back to WA with her. Josh found a big bullfrog, and Emmy had fun with Daddy digging in the bank. May 12, 2007.


Here's Elayna, sleeping so peacefully in Momma and Daddy's bed finally, after a long fussy night. May 12, 2007.


She really is 23 inches long! May 10, 2007.


Josh shared his blankets and pillows with his new baby sister one early morning last week. May 10, 2007.

Grandma A and Elayna

Here she is, eyes open and checking out the face of Grandma A in a moment of wakefulness. May 9, 2007.

The footprints

Here's the picture of Emmy and Elayna's footprints. Emmy's is on the left, and Elayna's on the right. You'd never tell that Emmy was my bigger baby! I wonder if Elayna will be taller than Emmy as they get older, or if it has any significance at all? And no, Emmy does not have only 4 toes on her right foot! She just tends to cross her second toe over her third! LOL! May 9, 2007.


Emmy is still adjusting to a new baby in the house. She has moments of tender sympathy when Elayna cries, wild bursts of reckless freedom when my hands are full, jealousy when my lap is occupied, and moments like these in the swing, when she seems to be thinking, "hey, this is kinda familiar! Didn't I have one of these things just the other day?" May 9, 2007.

Josh and Elayna

Josh is so proud to be a big brother to TWO baby sisters! May 8, 2007.

Momma and Elayna

It's such an amazing moment that first time your baby looks up and sees Momma's face for the first time. May 7, 2007.

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Here she is!

Born at 5:52 pm, weighing 8 lbs. 5 oz, and 23 inches long. She came out screaming and pinked right up! I will have to post more of the story later when I have more time - Elayna is awake and ready to eat again! May 7, 2007.

Labor Day

On Monday, May 7, I woke up with contractions and so we got our things in order, asked Great Auntie Gaye to come stay with the kids, and headed to the hospital. We got there and checked in at about 11 am. Here I am in my room, sitting on the birthing ball to help the baby move into a better position. She was facing the wrong way (posterior) and I was having back labor for the third time. May 7, 2007.

Josh's tricycle and wagon

On Sunday Colby got out Josh's wagon and hooked it up to his tricycle. He has been practicing and getting pretty good at driving it up and down the driveway. Emmy had a blast riding along! May 6, 2007.

Grandma in the Potato Field

On Sabbath we went for a drive and looked at the potato fields being planted. Mom couldn't resist, took off her shoes and went for a run through the freshly plowed dirt! May 5, 2007.

Another day of fun!

Emmy and Josh have been having fun, playing in the tunnel and playing in the dirt! They had a lot more energy than I did on Friday, May 4, my due date!

Me and the Kids

Playing on the trampoline, one day before my due date, May 3, 2007.

Eating Haystacks

Yummy! Haystacks, Emmy style! May 3, 2007.

Emmy in the Flowers

Emmy was having fun playing in and picking the little grape hyacinths in the yard. May 3, 2007.


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