Saturday, June 14, 2008

Fishin Trip!

We went fishing on Sunday, which was really fun and brought back a lot of memories, but we didn't catch anything! Josh got to cast a line, though, and so did I, the first time in probably 5 years! The babies got sick of it quick, especially since they couldn't get down and play, it was too dangerous since the water dropped off immediately, so we packed up and went to the park. May 18, 2008.

Sabbath Walk

After the family got together at Aunt Wanda's, we went to walk the old highway between Cascade Locks and Bonneville Dam. This is the only picture I have, someone needs to send me some of the other ones! This is me hiking with Elayna in the backpack on the way down. May 17, 2008.

Angel Faces

These little two-year old second cousins sure have angelic faces, don't they? May 17, 2008.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Sabbath Afternoon

A couple of pictures from the gathering at Aunt Wanda's house after church on Sabbath. It was busy with food and talking and keeping kids out of places they shouldn't be and removing slivers from a small boy's foot, so I didn't get many pictures. May 17, 2008.

Worship Time!

We had a really nice time the first day there having worship with all the kids. Papa played some songs on his guitar and we marched around the couch to In The Lord's Army and Uncle Mike read the Bible Story. It was so awesome to see all these 7 kids singing along and answering the Bible questions. Praise God for our faithful parents who taught us how to pass this along to our own children! May 15, 2008.

Meeting the Cousins!

We left on our trip to Washington on Tuesday morning, May 13, around 8 AM, driving for about 7 hours to reach our first destination in Indiana. We only had about a half an hour to run around and eat some real food before leaving for the Indianapolis airport. Traffic wasn't too bad, and we got there in plenty of time to deal with baggage claim and get a pass for Mom M. to help me through security. I also stopped along the way in Michigan to buy a sit-n-stand stroller that I could stuff all three kids on to get through the airport. I'll spare you all the gory details, but we eventually did make it through the two red-eye flights and the switch in Denver to reach Portland at about 11:30 pacific time (which felt like 2:30 am to us!)and got in to Mom and Dad's about 1 am and went straight to bed! The time change was sudden and complete! The next day we spent some time out on the deck meeting the little cousins and reaquainting ourselves with the older ones we haven't seen in almost 18 months!

This is What Happens...

when a little girl sticks her hand up the tailpipe of her daddy's big diesel truck. Took a little scrubbing, but the girl came clean, and most of the clothes recovered eventually with some oxyclean! Good grief! May 11, 2008.


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