Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Anniversary tickers

These were fun to make:

Daryl & Lis 1974
Daisypath PicDaisypath Ticker

Mike & April 1998
Daisypath PicDaisypath Ticker

Jake & Lisa 1998
Daisypath PicDaisypath Ticker

Colby & Lisa 2001
Daisypath PicDaisypath Ticker

Ticker for Jali

Need a new ticker for Jali since she's now working on her 3rd birthday!

Our niece Jali is
Lilypie Baby PicLilypie Baby Ticker

Colby taking the backhoe over to where he's building a house out towards the lake. June 6, 2005. Posted by Hello
Joshie in Daddy's hat. Boy does he look like his Daddy! Growing up way too fast! June 3, 2005. Posted by Hello
Classic Toad: his blankie, his thumb, a horsey tucked in with him, sitting in his "Toad's Ark", palming the steering wheel! June 7, 2005 Posted by Hello
Burying Shadrach, back under an old apple tree on the V, May 27, 2005. He lived long enough to welcome Raini back from her honeymoon, make the trip home with them to Indiana, and stay one night in their new home. He stuck around long enough to make sure she was taken care of and okay. Then he passed away quietly in his sleep, 13 years old. He was a good old Golden Retriever. Posted by Hello
Eating an ice cream cone at the zoo in Indy, May 18, 2005. Posted by Hello
Joshie at the zoo in Indy. May 18, 2005 Posted by Hello
At Doug and Bev's house, May 23, 2005 Posted by Hello
What a cutie! I love this picture! Posted by Hello
Baby on the beach, May 21, 2005 Posted by Hello
Toad and Momma on the beach of Lake Michigan, near the St. Jo pier. May 21, 2005 Posted by Hello
The house that Colby built in Berrien. Posted by Hello
Us at Raini's wedding, May 15, 2005. Can't believe Colby's in a tux! Posted by Hello


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