Sunday, September 09, 2007

Labor Day

On Monday we were back home, Colby spent the morning under his old Cummins getting greasy, and in the afternoon we went over to Grandma and Grandpa J's house and had lunch with them. They had new potatoes made into french fries, Grandpa gave rides on the scooter, and we all had fun! Sept. 4, 2007

At Grandma & Grandpa M's House

We got to see Levi again, Grandma and Grandpa were big helps with the kids, and I managed to take a great nap on Sabbath! The food was good, and very healthy, which was great, as we are making significant changes in our diet now. Josh will always be prone to heart disease, high blood pressure, and so we need a heart-healthy diet, low in fat, salt, and cholesterol. Time to get out my NEWSTART cookbook! Thanks, Grandma, for a nice weekend! Sept. 2, 2007

Trip to Indiana

We had been planning to go down to Indiana the weekend of Labor Day anyway, so we decided to put aside the immense stress of the past week and go ahead with our plans. It was just what we needed, and it was nice to see everyone. Here is the final picture in the series here, with all three of us all holding our babies! Sept. 1, 2007
Joshua's Heart Surgery was scheduled for Sept. 26. 2007. Thank you to everyone who has sent cards and emails to us, they have meant so much. I know there are so many people praying for us, and we take comfort in that.

Not a Fun Day

On Thursday, Aug. 23, the day after we had running water again, Josh and I went to see his pediatrician to talk about the results of his echocardiogram. She told us that Josh has coarctation of the aorta, which she described as a narrowing, an abnormal narrowing. She couldn't tell me the severity or really much else about it, but told me that she was going to set up an appointment to see a pediatric cardiologist in Grand Rapids. By the time I got home there was a fax waiting for me saying that Josh could be seen the next day. So the next morning we packed the kids up, took Emmy over to Great-Aunt Kim and headed down state. Grandma M drove up from Indiana and met us there. We were there for over 3 hours, had another echocardiogram, an electrocardiogram, and, of course, spoke extensively with Dr. Lacina, the ped. cardiologist. The sobering news was that Joshua needs surgery to repair and open up his aorta. We were sent home that day numb, in shock, and then had to wait until Dr. Lacina could speak with the surgeon and get back with us to schedule the surgery. It was NOT a fun day. Aug. 18, 2007

More Fun on the Trampoline

We spent a lot of time outside during this week, and I did a lot of laundry by hand!!! On Sabbath, Aug. 11, our water pump burned up. While Colby tried to fix that pump, then replaced it with a different one we had, then pulled up the well by hand and replaced the point with a new point, then pounded the well back in the ground by hand, and still ended up having to buy a new pump... We went without running water for 10 days. I washed 5 loads of laundry by hand, heated water on the stove for baths, and flushed the toilet with buckets of water from a large grain bin full of water that Colby set up for me outside. The Friday following the initial loss of water came and for some reason the power went out as well for several hours. I felt like a pioneer woman.Thankfully I have a gas cooking stove! We had baths of water heated on the stove by candelight that night! It's good for you to realize all that you take for granted now and then! Anyway, these are just a couple more pictures of the kids playing on the trampoline that week. Aug. 17, 2007

Playing on the Trampoline

The kids enjoyed a nice warm evening outside on the trampoline. This was a couple of days after Josh's first echocardiogram, and before we knew the results. It's amazing how fast things can change. Aug. 15, 2007

Little Country Girl

A new kitty has moved into our barn. He's not afraid of the kids, but not too enthusiastic about adults. Sometimes the kids take a bowl of food and water out to him and he lets them pet him. Emmy would carry him around all day if she could! Aug. 12, 2007

The Girls

After church we took a few pictures of the girls in their matching dresses. Aug. 11, 2007

Daddy's Girls

Just some great candid pictures of Colby and his little girls! Aug. 11, 2007

Me and My Toad

I love this picture of Josh and I. Aug. 11, 2007.

Elayna at 3 months old

Time is going so fast! She's getting so big already! Aug. 9, 2007


It's about time, huh Rain? Aug. 5, 2007

Family Gathering

We went downstate for the family gathering on Aug. 5. We had a lot of fun, ate a lot of food, the kids played hard, and it was nice to see everyone! Raini came and brought her hubby and new baby and made the announcement of his name: Levi! It was a great day. Aug. 5, 2007

Mud Truck Stuck

One Sunday Colby and I left the kids with Grandma and Grandpa J and took the Explorer (affectionately dubbed the "mud truck" by Joshua) up on some hillclimbs and had some fun getting it stuck. Colby's cousin Caleb and his girlfriend Erika went with us and provided a ride back for me when I needed to get back to the baby before the Explorer had been dug out of the hillside! July 29, 2007.


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