Friday, August 29, 2008

Driving Home

The kids fell asleep within minutes of leaving the reunion, except little Elayna, who had at least had a nap or two while we were there! Josh and Emmy hadn't had naps and had stayed up till the we hours giggling in their loft bed half the night (see next post). Aug. 10, 2008.

Family Reunion

A few pics of our trip down the the family reunion. In the first one is Raini and Levi playing with Aunt Gaye, and then one of me and Elayna. The third pic shows how big Levi is getting! And the last one shows how bushed Laney was by the time we were ready to head home. It was a lot of fun and we got to stay Saturday night out in the motorhome, which Josh and Emmy thought was the biggest adventure of their lives! They got to sleep in the loft bed above the cab! And it had a curtain! And sleeping bags! Let's just say it took them a while to go to sleep... Aug. 10, 2008.

Truck Vs. Deer

Remember those nice pictures a few posts back of Colby's trucks? Well, you know how it goes with stuff like that, the inevitable deer trying to end it all jumps out in front of you a week later... August 7, 2008.

The Garden

The garden shot up some big zucchini plants this year and flooded us with so many it was ridiculous! We gave two big bag fulls away and sent some overgrown ones to the compost bin, and most of the rest I shredded and froze for zucchini bread! We've enjoyed the garden this year. Our potatoes are still in the ground, and the corn is just ripe. Our green beans were all eaten by bunnies and deer, and a bunch of our pumpkins were too! But the sugar snap peas were my favorite! What a treat those were. August 6, 2008.

The Horses

In the evenings after Colby gets home from work, we like to go help feed the horses with him. Usually by this time Laney is in bed, so it's just the two big kids who go with us. We've spent some happy evenings brushing the horses while they eat. Emmy is our fearless little horse lover who gets on every chance she gets! Josh's favorite is Fancy, his "Best Horse" as he calls her! He tells us that when he gets married he will take his wife for a ride on Fancy. LOL! She's almost 30 as it is! August 6, 2008.

Saturday, August 09, 2008

Hide N Seek

The kids were having a great time playing hide and seek with each other, so Colby got creative and helped Emmy hide under the couch! She thought it was so exciting! Josh could hear her giggles, but couldn't find her! When Colby lifted up the couch for her to get out, she didn't even want to come! Aug. 3, 2008.

At the Fair

We went to the fair and watched Colby at the truck pulls on Thursday night. Colby took both of his Dodge Cummins diesel trucks, but his cousin Kyle took first place. The kids had a great time, in the first picture you can see Josh and his friend G. who has become a very dear friend. Josh has informed us he plans to marry her someday and that they will live next door to us and have four children! LOL!

Here is our video of Kyle's truck pull:

Saturday, August 02, 2008

Colby and His Trucks

Colby got his trucks ready for the truck pulls at the fair this week, so while they were both nice and shiny and clean I got some pictures! July 27, 2008

Laney's Summer Fun!

Laney believes with all her heart that this wagon is full of water just for her! This is her favorite activity, climbing up in here and splashing the water! July 24, 2008.

Emmy's Summer Fun

Emmy has been spending a lot of time out in the summer sun! Her favorite thing to do is swing in our tree swing. She never gets bored with it. In fact, we found out when we were at Uncle Mike and Auntie April's house that she will swing until she's sick!... and then still want to go back and do it again. She is getting so tall too! She has already grown an inch and a half this summer!! July 24, 2008.

What happens to the Kids...

...when parents go muddin'. Apparently it makes them unafraid to get muddy! July 20, 2008.

Muddin Again

We went mudding again with Caleb in his Bronco II, I've only got pictures of his truck and none of ours because I took videos when Colby was driving through the big mud pit. As you can see, it's getting pretty deep! July 20, 2008.

Elayna Bean

Look how long those curls behind her ears are getting! July 18, 2008.

Cherry Baby

Elayna has discovered the joys of shoes! Now that she's walking all over the place, she is always wanting her shoes on, and hates it when I take them off! July 16, 2008.

More Picnic Fun!

After we ate lunch, one of the other employees brought out a big bag of ENORMOUS lollipops for all of the kids! I let Josh and Emmy each have one for about, oh, one minute, then wrapped them back up and put them in my bag to take home, where they have been ever since! Someone else was walking around with a huge plate of brownies and cookies, and then there was the pinata full of candy!!! It reminded me of that Splenda commercial about the "sugar situation"! July 13, 2008.

Company Picnic

We went to a company picnic for a company that Colby subs out to for work on the big lake houses. The kids were really excited when we got there and saw a slip-n-slide! But it was so windy and cold I couldn't believe there were actually kids playing on it! When we got out we discovered that they had rigged it up with warm water! Josh and Emmy quickly changed and got in! The only problem was, once they got in the water, they didn't want to get out or move, just lay there in the water! It only lasted about 5 min, but they had fun, and I'm just glad no one got sick! July 13, 2008.

Flying the Kite

This was a really windy Sunday morning when Colby found this old kite while cleaning out the garage. it's been a long time since I've seen a double-stringer up in the air! Remember all those Sundays on the Oregon Coast?! It was fun, and Joshua really enjoyed getting to fly it too! July 13, 2008.


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