Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Joshua Toad

Yes, those are his underwear... Don't ask me.... I have no idea... June 26, 2007

Emma Leigh

On the phone again! Just wait till she knows how to use it! June 26, 2007

Elayna Marie

We got a little smile! She usually has a big smile for me, but she was pretty serious about figuring out what that camera was about and it was hard to distract her. June 26, 2007

The Girls

Here are my little cuties in their matching outfits from Grandma A! Aren't they just incredibly precious?! Sisters. The closest thing I have to a true sister is Raini. And she might as well be for how often people mistake us for sisters! All I can hope is that Emmy and Laney have as good a friendship as Raini and I. I can't imagine life without her! June 27, 2007

Grayson Highlands State Park

We spent Sabbath afternoon exploring Grayson Highlands. It was a beautiful day and we walked around the old homesteads with Elayna napping in Daddy's arms and read the historical facts and had a picnic. June 23, 2007

Elayna's first 7 states

Elayna made it to 7 states before she was 7 weeks old! She spent a lot of time hanging around with us and being carried around by her daddy. We didn't have room for the big stroller and I forgot to bring my sling, so she got a lot of arm time this weekend. She didn't mind napping on Daddy's arm and Daddy has now been wrapped around another tiny little finger! June 23, 2007

Trick Pony

One of their many ponies has a funny routine that it does for treats. It "shakes", bows, kneels, lays down, then sits up and smiles. It is really funny to watch! It is a miniature appaloosa. June 23, 2007

Trip to Virginia

We took a quick trip to Virginia last weekend to pick up a truck Colby bought from some old friends. The first picture is the view from the cabin we stayed in of their farm. It doesn't show how truly mountainous it is there. That's probably the "flattest" angled view we had! The other two pictures were of some of the foals born this spring. The little black filly has quite a personality! Very people-oriented and pushy when she thinks you'll scratch her butt! Most baby horses are focused on their mama and uninterested in people. June 23, 2007

Mud Boggin' and its Influence on Today's Youth

This is what the old Explorer looks like now that Colby has gotten his hands on it. He replaced the front fenders with the spare 'splorer's and put bigger tires on it (35s) and of course, the natural thing to do once you've modified a 4x4 is take your son on a test run through the mud hole. Next thing you know your kid is out with the hose and his Gator and, well, following his Daddy's example! June 17, 2007

Pineapple Baby

Here's Elayna, enjoying a Sabbath afternoon siesta on the couch. Almost 6 weeks old, June 16, 2007.

Little Birdie

I found this nest in our yard under the big walnut tree and went to pick it up to show the kids when I noticed the baby bird several inches away. It was already dead, poor little thing. I picked both up and showed the children and it was very interesting and educational. It's a rare thing to be able to look at such a tiny baby bird and see how delicately they develop. God is so amazing!
June 14, 2007.

Friday, June 15, 2007


Remember that picture of the three of us at Joya's babyshower? Well some things have changed since then! LOL! Here is the three (er, six) of us 13 weeks later! Joya is holding Auron (1 month 6 days), I am in the middle holding Elayna (1 month 3 days), and Raini is 33 weeks pregnant with her little guy. June 10, 2007.


Mom and Aunt Kim held their grandbabies at Raini's babyshower for a cutie picture! Genetically these babies are comparable to first cousins since Colby and Joya are double cousins. So we decided they are first cousins half removed instead of second cousins. Auron Michael is 3 days older than Elayna, and both babies were just over 1 month old in this picture. June 10, 2007.

Elayna in her church dress

I took this picture after her second trip to Sabbath school on June 2, 2007. See her little smile?!

Elayna is growing!

She's getting so big! She is 3 weeks old in these pictures and was already enjoying her little bouncy seat and staring at her hanging keychain with intent until she'd get a little fist up there and whack it now and then! May 30, 2007.

The Gator

Josh and Emmy have been having a great time driving around in the gator Josh won at the Berrien Fair two years ago. Usually Josh drives and Emmy rides and they seem pretty happy about that, but the other day I caught Josh trying to teach Emmy how to drive. She didn't want to listen to him and he was determined that she would submit to his direction. He even tried to keep her in the gator while she tried to escape his tyranny. Yep, he's a little bulldozer. May 27, 2007.

Our Yard

Here are the new yard toys we have! The little swing and slide toy I got at a yard sale a few weeks ago, and the slide I found at the goodwill last year. The picnic tables were my birthday gifts from Mom & Gary and Colby, and the rock garden around the front door we have been working on this spring. I have some lillies planted in there now and want to get some hostas and a few annuals. Josh has been having a great time playing in the dirt on one side of the door, so I may have to just wait and plant some bulbs this fall in there and let him have it for this summer. It sure keeps him close to the house and I can't beat that! May 27, 2007.

Ready for Summer

Josh and Emmy in their swimsuits, all ready to play in the water. Now if we could just manage to get to Torch Lake sometime... May 24, 2007.

More about Emmy Leigh

See... she does have her hair done now and then! May 24, 2007.


My little banana muncher is still at it! She is just so adorable in her little gingham bubble with her blonde hair and big blue eyes! Her hair is getting pretty curly now in the summer time humidity. May 23, 2007.


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