Sunday, July 13, 2008


Yep, it's me in a silly mood yesterday! July 12, 2008

Getting Ready for Church

Getting ready for church yesterday, July 12, 2008.

Elayna in the Kitchen

The girls are both enjoying the new (used) Dora kitchen I found at the Goodwill! Elayna likes to stand at the stove and stir something in the pot with her spoon! Here she's trying to offer some of what she's been cooking! Emmy is fond of taking her pot and filling it up with her little oddities and making egg*truck*frog soup by putting her little wooden egg, a matchbox truck, and the stuffed froggie in her pot. It's highly entertaining to watch her put things together! July 10, 2008.

Elayna at the Airshow

Laney had a GREAT time at the airshow! She was a little bouncing bean playing with Daddy's phone, putting her feet up on Uncle Caleb, and attacking Joshua when he wasn't expecting it! She did really good for having very little sleep, and being way late for lunch! By the time the Blue Angels came out, it was almost 4:00, and we didn't stay for all of it, we left about 10 min. before they were done, because by then, the kids were REALLY done! They were all asleep before we could make it to Taco Bell. July 6, 2008.

Josh and Emmy at the Airshow

Emmy down on the beach playing in the sand, and Josh putting on a fake smile (or maybe I should call it a grimace) after we moved back up on the blanket when they were getting sand on some other spectators' things. July 6, 2008.

More Airshow Pics!

Colby's cousins and some of their friends also came to the show and found us at our nice little shady spot. In the second picture is Caleb and his girlfriend Erika. Joshua has had a crush on Erika for the last three years! They both love our kids and always play with them and help out when they're with us.
We did get to see some cool things at the airshow, like a mock rescue by the coast guard helicopter! I'd never seen that before and it was really interesting, but I didn't have my camera out yet, so no pictures. July 6, 2008

Cherry Festival Airshow!

We went to the Cherry Festival Airshow for the first time this year! It was really fun, but we had a long long wait before the fun started! We had read in the newspaper that the airshow was going to start at 12:30, so we went ahead of time and got to Traverse City around 11:30, parked in the new parking deck, and walked through downtown to the waterfront, where we found a spot under the trees in the shade to spread out our blanket. Then Josh, Emmy and I went down on the beach and played in the cold water for a while. Josh loves the water, no hesitation there! Emmy preferred to play in the sand, and Elayna didn't want anything to do with it, so she stayed up on the blanket with Daddy. 12:30 came and went, and we didn't see a single airplane until after 2:00! By then it was getting pretty tedious. We had had a late breakfast, but then no lunch because we thought we'd go get some after the show. The snacks we brought were long gone by the time we started to see planes! July 6, 2008.

Tuesday, July 08, 2008


We did our fireworks at our house on Saturday night with the kids. We had a few ground blooms and a pack of smoke bombs, and the rest were the cannister spark shooter/whistling pete kind. (ya like my technical terms there?!) Emmy didn't like the loud noise, so I covered her ears for the loud stuff, and she kept saying, "I ready go in the house, Mommy!" But in the end she enjoyed the one sparkler she got to do before bed! Joshua was just plain excited about the whole thing and wanted to light them all himself. Bobbi Jo thought she'd like to take on the fireworks and chew on 'em a bit, while Tucker sat at Colby's feet the whole time. And of course, Little Laney was already in bed while we did this and never woke up. It was fun, and we're still looking forward to when our neighbors do their fireworks display in a couple of weeks. July 5, 2008.

July 5th

Some pictures of earlier in the day: First Elayna giving her Daddy a kiss, then a picture of Emmy's two french braids (the first successful attempt!) as she's looking at a worm, and of Elayna out eating dirt in the flower garden. July 5, 2008.

July 4th

On the 4th we went to Grandma and Grandpa J's house for a potluck and BBQ, most of the cousins were there, and some friends of ours too, so it was a fun time. There was a little kiddie pool, and a big bucket full of water balloons, thanks to Joya! So after the food the cousins got into a water fight and a few of them ended up in the kiddie pool! I'd be posting pics of all this, but I forgot my camera that day. :(

Sunday, July 06, 2008

Crazy Little Farm Kids!

Havin' a good laugh and tickle time after worship! July 3, 2008.

The Garden and Flowers

A view looking back over the left side of the garden to the big pasture. The corn is growing up nicely, and the yellow squash is growing up like a weed! The pumpkins, zucchini, and cucumbers are doing pretty well, too. Colby has been very busy this spring resectioning the pasture so we can let sections grow while others are being mowed down by the horses. The big part of the pasture was just opened up last week, so it had two months of spring growth before the horses were let out in it. As you can see, it looks pretty out there right now, but actually it is growing two things that aren't good: Russian Thistle and Hoary Alyssum, pernicious weeds that we are going to have to eradicate soon. I guess most farmers around here have to spray for the thistle and that usually takes care of it without killing the grass or the horses. In the past we have just had a neighbor come in with his mower and tractor and mow it down which slows it down enough to let the grass grow, and that is what we'll do again this year, but will hopefully have a better solution next spring! July 3, 2008.

The Horses

Thought I'd add in a couple of horsey pictures, too. The first picture is of Bear drinking out of the hose! We got a laugh out of this one. Every now and then he shows the better side of his personality and does something like this or "bows" or "shakes hands"! The rest of the time he's a fat hog, though! Likes the food and hates it if anyone gets between him and Fancy. Emmy is riding on Fancy in the second picture. She's not afraid of them at all. We put Elayna on her for about half a second and she freaked out! And Josh was very disappointed that he didn't get to ride on his "Best Horse" as he calls her, because he was wearing shorts and not pants. Next time! July 3, 2008.

Farm Life

Some pictures from around the farm: Josh driving the gator by the granary, Elayna crawling down toward the horse pasture, and a nice picture of how the yard looks these days! July 3, 2008.

Camp Meeting

We had a great time at camp meeting! The kids and I drove down on Wednesday and went to some meetings and stayed with Grandma M in her camper. Thursday we decided to go back home, and Josh wanted to stay with Grandma, so he got to stay and go to all his meetings until we went back for Sabbath services. The kids really had a fun time, and the weather was pleasant, not to hot or humid like it usually is! We had a nice dinner with the Mexico Mission Trip crew on Sabbath and ran into some old friends we were able to catch up with. June 26, 2008.

A Very Dirty Bean

Elayna was out playing in the mud with her brother one day! She thoroughly enjoyed it, as you can see, and if you think this is bad, you should have seen her before I took her dirty, dirty clothes off! Yep, this is just what got through to her skin! LOL! June 24, 2008.

Tuesday, July 01, 2008


This is what the two trucks looked like when we were done! Colby got up on top of the exploder to get a picture of the top of the trucks, because yes, the mud did fly all the way up there. Then Josh wanted to be up on top of a truck, too, so up he went! He's been wanting to look at the pictures every day since! June 20, 2008.

Mud Boggin'

We went up the trail with our mud truck and with Caleb and his BroncoII. We had fun and got real muddy! Joshua had a blast and when we were stuck in the deep puddle he wanted to get out so bad I finally let him strip down to his skivvies and jump out! When we got back we took some pictures of how muddy we all got! June 20, 2008.


I know, I post this type of picture fairly often, but it never ceases to amaze me what a 1 year old can do with a plate of beans, cottage cheese, and a few slices of hot dogs. She looks so guilty!! June 19, 2008.

Reading to the Kids

Colby reading to the kids in the morning before he left for work, the story of Daniel and the Lions' Den. June 19, 2008.


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