Monday, April 23, 2007

Warm Sabbath Afternoon

This weekend was so warm! After church and lunch, when Josh was napping, Emmy and I went outside to enjoy the sunshine! It was in the mid-seventies, and even a little too warm to sit in the sun for long (at least for me, anyway!). Emmy enjoyed the grass on her bare feet, and picked up some little sticks to put in the wagon to take over to the burn pile. Sunday was even warmer, with temps in the low 80's and Daddy made the kids a bigger sand pile to play in. Josh was pretty dirty by dinnertime, and Emmy had been throwing dirt in her hair very happily, while running around in her diaper all afternoon. April 21, 2007.

Naughty Chicky

Yes, this is Emmy actually sitting on top of her highchair tray. Since she learned how to pull her thin little legs up and escape from her highchair even on its tightest setting, she has been a little terror, giving me heart attacks regularly and in general proving to be a menace to herself. This is how I found her the other day after getting up to get Josh a drink of water. She is so quick! Thankfully the camera was right there on the table so I could get a quick picture! April 19, 2007.

Crocker Spaniels

The two older stuffed dogs were from Colby's childhood. The bigger one was given to him on his first birthday, a gift from his grandma J, who lived in California at the time, and was a bank promotion item, the Crocker State Bank, thus the name, Crocker Spaniel. The little one was made by the same company but not part of the promotion, and was found at a yard sale years later. Both of them, as you can see, were well loved when Colby was a kid and were played with, slept with, thrown up on, and washed many times! They were put away after a while, but never thrown out. Fast forward several years and here I am sitting at the computer and see THIS very set (even though they weren't actually a set) on ebay. And to make a long story short, here they all are, a happy little family. The copywright tags say 1978 and 1979 and the new ones look like they've never been played with. April 18, 2007.

Josh's picture too!

Joshua needed his picture taken too after Emmy's hat made me get out the camera. April 18, 2007.

Emmy's Fashion Sense

Apparently Emmy thought this hat went with her outfit, she went and found it in the hat and glove bag and put it on herself! April 18, 2007.

Sunday, April 08, 2007


Wow, hard to believe it is April 8! Looks more like December! Our first snow of the season was October 12. Almost 6 months ago! And while the snow hasn't been here constantly since then, that is a looong cold season. And that's not even considering first/last frost! Well, Happy Easter! Hope you have better weather where you are! April 8, 2007.

All three kids

It was a bit crowded on my lap this morning. Usually the little one doesn't like to be "squished" by her two older siblings sitting on my lap or too close beside me, but we endured it for a minute and snuggled on the chair long enough for Daddy to get a picture. With less than 4 weeks to go, you can really tell I've got that 'exhausted, big, heavy, incredibly uncomfortable, and puffy faced' thing going on. April 8, 2007.

Spring went...

This was my trip to TC on Friday. The wind has finally died down, the blizzard came and went Wednesday and into Thursday, then was downgraded to a winter storm, and the snow slowly tapered off from there. The snow was blown around by the wind enough that it's hard to tell how much we really have. In spots you can see the grass through the snow, and in other areas, the drift is well over a foot deep. We're supposed to be up in the mid to high 30's tomorrow, so some of it will melt off. April 6, 2007.

Spring came...

Anyone see anything wrong with this picture? Other than it looks like I took it last year in June? LOL. Actually, this picture was taken on our farm on April 3, 2007! And in case you didn't spot it right away, there is actually a horse laying inside the round hay feeder. That would be fat, lazy, Bear, one of the horses we board for Colby's cousins.


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