Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Meet Bruno... he took up residence in our house while we were gone in Indiana. He is the biggest spider I have ever seen in Michigan, and I did NOT want to share my house with him! After I discovered that he had been hiding in the towel I carried to the back room I had a *minor* heart attack. Once I got past the heebie jeebies that kept my body going in spasms for a while (I got my exercise for the day) I went back in and caught him in a quart jar. I even weighted it down so he couldn't tip it over and get out, he was so big! Then I waited for Colby to get home; that was as far as I was prepared to go! Colby helped me get these pictures, then released him back into the wild where he will likely go back to eating small birds. Colby also said he made a Thud! when he hit the ground! *uhgh*. Sept. 27, 2005. Posted by Picasa
His jaws are chomping... Posted by Picasa
Getting ready for baby! The crib is getting pretty full! I got out the basic equipment, the car seat, etc, and all the girl clothes that I've been given from friends and relatives who had girl things to pass down, and piled them in the crib so I can show Mom when she gets here. It will be so fun to go through all these things and look at them. I only have six and a half weeks until my due date, and Josh was early by a few days, so we'll see! I may not have long to wait at all! Sept. 20, 2005 Posted by Picasa
Our first batch of gleaned potatoes from the farm! I was up in town running some errands and wanted to grab a few from the field for dinner, so I headed out there and found a row that had already been harvested but wasn't gleaned yet, and hopped out to grab a few. Well, it's hard to stop once you get started and see all these beautiful potatoes laying there in the loose sandy Michigan dirt. Next thing I knew I was tramping through the furrows, 7+ months pregnant, in the rain, filling up a Target bag with as many as I could carry! My grandma would be proud of me, out there gleaning dinner from the field. She would love this so much! I may not be able to go up to Mt.Hood anymore to get apples and pears from those orchards like I used to, but this makes me happy, and I look forward to this time of year - the potato harvest! Sept. 20, 2005. Posted by Picasa

Monday, September 12, 2005

Goodbye to Kasperwing. I'm sorry to see it go, but I'm glad that you had that during those years of our lives, Dad. I know it meant a lot to have that time with each of us, and although I never really flew it, I'll always remember the time I spent taxiing it, trying to get up the nerve to go higher. The time spent with you was priceless, learning by your side, and I know my brothers feel the same way. Thanks for spending that time with us, thanks for having the Kasperwing. Love, Lisa  Posted by Picasa
Trinket, off to hunt more unsuspecting prey in the late afternoon sun. Sept. 10, 2005 Posted by Picasa
Joshua picking grapes from our vine. Sept. 10, 2005 Posted by Picasa
Psycho kitty, lurking in the tall grass, waiting for its next victim....Twert! (her favorite victim). Sept. 10, 2005 Posted by Picasa

Saturday, September 10, 2005

Joshua on the phone, talking to Grandma in Washington! He's smiling - he must be telling her about his tractors! Sept. 9, 2005  Posted by Picasa

Thursday, September 08, 2005

Before! Sorry it's a little blurry. This is just before momma got out the scissors and said, "It's time..." Sept. 7, 2005 Posted by Picasa
Look how long it was on top! Sept. 7, 2005 Posted by Picasa
After! Looks a lot older, doesn't he?! It was like watching my baby grow up right before my eyes! But I only got emotional once, when I cut off that perfect curl right over his left ear. He's no longer a baby, he's a BOY. Sept. 7, 2005 Posted by Picasa
The back of his head, NO CURLS!! Sept. 7, 2005 Posted by Picasa

Monday, September 05, 2005

Hey Mike, remember this?! Was this your 14th b-day? I remember your 13th birthday was a pizza and movie party with a bunch of kids from school, so I don't think this was your 13th. Bring back memories? Make you feel old? Hope you had a great 30th!! Love, your little sis. Posted by Picasa
Look it actually fits! But barely... Sept. 4, 2005 Posted by Picasa
It must be fall...here's our hay for the winter! There are 200 bales on the trailer, which Colby backed into the barn until it gets thrown up into the loft. We'll also be boarding Colby's cousins' 2 horses for the winter. I look forward to getting in the hay every fall, but this year I didn't get to help at all! Sept. 4, 2005 Posted by Picasa
Joshua on the John Deere gator that he won in a drawing from the Berrien County Fair! In about as much time as it takes to type this up, he learned how to make it go and he happily drove it around and around the yard, very proud of himself! Then he learned how to shift into second gear... I'm glad we have a nice big yard and a lot of room to play! Sept. 3, 2005 Posted by Picasa
Here I am actually ready for Colby to take the picture! 30 weeks pregnant! Sept. 3, 2005 Posted by Picasa
This is me at Colby's grandparents house. Here I am 30 weeks pregnant! Only 10 weeks to go! Our baby girl will be here soon! Sept. 3, 2005. Posted by Picasa
Our yard sale. We held it over at Colby's grandparents house, and had several of our families contributing to it. We made over $800 in sales over the weekend, and almost $500 of that is going to the church carpet fund! Sept. 1, 2005.  Posted by Picasa
Josh loves fresh cucumbers!! August 31, 2005 Posted by Picasa
Our family and our garden goods. August 31, 2005 Posted by Picasa
Our fat Aussie Bobbi Jo after she was shaved a couple of weeks ago for the second time this summer. August 28, 2005 Posted by Picasa
Farmer Toad, checking out the barn. August 28, 2005 Posted by Picasa
Peeking in the barn. August 28, 2005 Posted by Picasa


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