Sunday, July 13, 2008

Cherry Festival Airshow!

We went to the Cherry Festival Airshow for the first time this year! It was really fun, but we had a long long wait before the fun started! We had read in the newspaper that the airshow was going to start at 12:30, so we went ahead of time and got to Traverse City around 11:30, parked in the new parking deck, and walked through downtown to the waterfront, where we found a spot under the trees in the shade to spread out our blanket. Then Josh, Emmy and I went down on the beach and played in the cold water for a while. Josh loves the water, no hesitation there! Emmy preferred to play in the sand, and Elayna didn't want anything to do with it, so she stayed up on the blanket with Daddy. 12:30 came and went, and we didn't see a single airplane until after 2:00! By then it was getting pretty tedious. We had had a late breakfast, but then no lunch because we thought we'd go get some after the show. The snacks we brought were long gone by the time we started to see planes! July 6, 2008.

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Anonymous said...

Ahaa, we have so many memories of air shows. And yea, they never start on time.. and they always wait untill the hottest day of the year!! My favorite Air Show memory is when a Harrier Jump Jet showed off in front of us. Of corse we lost alot of hearing ability that day.. but we sure were awed by it.. We haven't been to an Air show in many years now... I love that beach your sitting on.. Mom


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