Tuesday, July 08, 2008


We did our fireworks at our house on Saturday night with the kids. We had a few ground blooms and a pack of smoke bombs, and the rest were the cannister spark shooter/whistling pete kind. (ya like my technical terms there?!) Emmy didn't like the loud noise, so I covered her ears for the loud stuff, and she kept saying, "I ready go in the house, Mommy!" But in the end she enjoyed the one sparkler she got to do before bed! Joshua was just plain excited about the whole thing and wanted to light them all himself. Bobbi Jo thought she'd like to take on the fireworks and chew on 'em a bit, while Tucker sat at Colby's feet the whole time. And of course, Little Laney was already in bed while we did this and never woke up. It was fun, and we're still looking forward to when our neighbors do their fireworks display in a couple of weeks. July 5, 2008.

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