Saturday, July 15, 2006

On Friday July 7 we went to the city-wide yard sale in North Bonneville. We parked and got out the strollers for a nice stroll through the neighborhoods, which was really nice, and everything was going smoothly... but when we tried to cross the road, going down a little hill, Josh's stroller had its front wheels get caught in the water-drainage lip at the edge of the road, and being in a hurry as we were the momentum carried the stroller and Grandma A toppling over. The result was a huge goose-egg and a bit of road rash on Josh's head (no other injuries anywhere), and a very upset Grandma!! She had some scrapes and bruises, too, but mostly she felt terrible for Josh's injuries. He's fine - in the morning the bruise was small and the swelling was gone, but Grandma may be scarred for life! We were done yard saling after that and went to go find some ice. July 7, 2006 Posted by Picasa

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