Monday, November 28, 2011

TOS Review - The Reading Game

The Reading Game is a fast action memory card game to teach sight words to early learners. From the author of Wordly Wise, Kenneth Hodgkinson, this game includes 6 illustrated story books, 6 decks of matching play cards, and a Teacher/Parent Guide.

The first story uses only 30 words, which are also found in the first deck of cards. You play the game just like you would with any memory matching game, all the cards face down, with each player turning over two cards at a time and trying to match them up. Each card has nothing else but a single word on it, so the student must go only on the knowledge of the letters rather than on a picture to lean on as a crutch. Once the two matching cards are found, the player must repeat the word on the cards several times in quick succession to get the point!

Once those words are mastered (there is a test question section in the guide) then you can move on to the next set of cards. There are six sets in each deck (and one deck per book) to complete, by which time the student will know 30 words by sight and will be able to read the first book, Skunk!

Each deck and each book build upon another until at the completion of the program the student will know 180 words!

We enjoyed the stories very much, and the kids quickly caught on to the memory-matching premise of the game. We used it sporadically, however, because we are using a completely different method of learning to read than sight words. It soon lost its draw for my 4 year old, and my 8 year old spent his time helping the 4 year old play the game. My 6 year old, however, did benefit from the game play as good reinforcement of the words that she knows, but does not quickly or instantly come up with on her own. It helped speed up her process of reading through recognition of these common words. Now she can focus a little more on the more difficult ones!

For those who enjoy or are already using the sight words method (my son was taught to read in large by this method at his former school) this would make an excellent aid. A fast-paced, non-frustrating way to have fun and learn, too!

You can purchase The Reading Game here and watch an informative video on how the game works! The Reading Game retails for $24.95.

We were provided The Reading Game for free in exchange for an honest review and nothing more.

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