Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Because Sunday I spent a few hours on my hands and knees doing garden prep after bending over a zillion times to pick up fallen branches from our insanely large yard.

Because Monday I went to K-Mart and started having back spasms that made me grip the cart for dear life, and once, when I tried to pick up Laney and put her back IN the cart to slightly better contain my 3 munchkins my back spasm sent me to my knees in the middle of the chip aisle where the four of us knelt in a circle and probably scared everyone into thinking we were part of some strange religious sect.

Because K-Mart refused to send someone to the layaway counter so I could get the sale price on the benches I want before they're all gone 3 days before payday so I finally gave up and left 'cause the sign said I could "do it all online!" but they lied - they don't HAVE those benches available online!

Because I stood in the kitchen today at lunch time in tears as I realized that my hubby had taken the chips in his lunch box and I couldn't have the yummy haystack I was planning to have for lunch and couldn't think of a single thing that I wanted to eat instead.

Because I realized 4 hours later that I should have tried a little harder to find something to eat for lunch when every little thing sent me into tears.

Because today I needed a little laughter and a little pick-me-up!!

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