Monday, March 22, 2010

Things I Don't Like Monday

Today is Things I Don't Like Monday.

Topping off today's list:


2. Politicians. Seriously. What IS it about those guys that make 'em think the American public died and made them gods. Soapbox diatribe now being averted...

3. Daylight savings time. What on earth made anyone think jumping AHEAD an hour was EVER a good idea?! Apparently whomever it was had no small children, was retired, and enjoyed going to bed extraordinarily early and getting up in the wee hours of the morning.

4. Alarm clocks that go off at 4:10 AM. There are no words for this one.

5. Lamps that magically turn themselves on in little girls' rooms at 11:30 pm just so the little munchkins can have a good excuse to get up and play in the middle of the night.

6. Banks that won't let me go through the drive through even though I'm pregnant and have small children with me just because I *MIGHT* have more than 50 cents in change with me. And if one more teller tells me I "HAVE TO" do something specific in order to make my deposit there for the the church, I'm going to go all 'pregnant-crazy-lady' on her.

7. My regular non-pregnant clothes.

8. Maternity clothes. I'm stuck in the in-between where my regular jeans fit just fine, but baby doesn't appreciate the belt that keeps 'em up, and my shirts are creeping up on being too short. But my maternity pants are still way too big and fall off and in general, ALL clothing is just making me crazy right now.

9. SPIDERS. I suppose the rush of adrenaline when I see an enormous hairy thing crossing my desk in speedy fashion is good for me since it makes me jump up out of my chair like it's on fire and hop around desperately searching for something to squish it with before it gets away and then haunts the rest of my day while I nervously twitch every time anything small and black catches the corner of my eye, but the increased heart rate does NOT make it worth it. Where's the blue max? It's time to get to spraying the edges of this old farmhouse before they all realize it's spring.

10. Seatbelts that have no comprehension of how to fit a pregnant woman properly. Grr.

Okay, done complaining now. I'll survive Monday and tomorrow I'll think of some nice things to say!!

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WhisperingWriter said...

I detest spiders too.


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