Monday, March 22, 2010

Things I Like Tuesday

Today is Things I Like Tuesday!

Starting off the list:

I like:
The laughter of my kids as they rediscover how much fun the swingset is.
The late afternoon sunshine.
The taste of fresh tomatoes.
The sweetness of a little one's goodnight hug and kiss.
The feel of tiny little kicks.
The smell of spring freshness early in the morning.
My husband's kisses.
Memories like tiny time capsules triggered by a smell, a song, or an old photograph.

And here are a few other things I'm liking lately:

1. Mossimo long sleeve tissue t-shirts from Target. I LOVE these things! Longish in length, very lightweight, perfect for layering. And there are two things that really make these shirts my favorite EVER t-shirts: First, no matter how many times I stretch out the cuff by shoving up past my elbow, it shrinks right back down in the wash! And second, I can easily wear them while pregnant and they stretch nicely over even an 8 month belly without showing skin or creeping up! Gotta love that!

2. Hanna Andersson playdresses and leggings. If you have a kid (like I do) that has some issues with clothing, waistbands, cuffs, tightness, etc. these are the sets for you. Emmy loves these things with a passion. We have 4 long sleeve/pant sets that she loves to death and wears everywhere! She has already worn her size 100 cm (euro sizing) sets two winters and Elayna will get two winters out of them when she grows into that size as well. They're sturdy, high quality cotton, hard to stain, and nearly indestructible. Well worth the price, especially when I consider how many years I get out of them and what the resale value is like.

3. Hormel Vegetarian Chili. Oh yeah, you knew it had to include some sort of food, right? This is good stuff - yummy, quick goodness that heats up any winter haystack! And I can get it at Wal-Mart now! Yay!

4. Loreal Go 360* Clean. Just discovered this little gem and I love it!

Happy Tuesday, everyone!

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