Sunday, May 05, 2013

April Roundup

Camera Roll-1100Camera Roll-1107 Spring Break! First week of April found us in Indiana, visiting cousin Levi and getting some very needed GIRL TIME for best best friend and I!




Home again - April 7

Camera Roll-1139

April 9 - First warm spring rain - it was irresistible! They ran through the barnyard for hours and played in the dirt they hadn't seen since last fall!

Another snowy Saturday - the robins and tree buds kept reminding us that someday spring would come for good!


New book in the mail written by old grade school friends of mine!
Camera Roll-1220

Baptism at church!
Camera Roll-1258
Camera Roll-1224
Camera Roll-1227

Birthday party for Maddie!
Camera Roll-1255Camera Roll-1256Camera Roll-1257

Camera Roll-1327Camera Roll-1315Snow - no snow. These pictures were taken on the same day, about 10 hours apart! Snowing hard in the morning, sunshiney in the afternoon!
Camera Roll-1171

Camera Roll-1162

April 15 - Tax Day. We had to run errands to get the last of our paperwork filed and spent a happy (though expensive) lunch at Subway and stopped to take a few pictures on this foggy day of Joshua in his new "Chicks Dig Scars" shirt. 

Camera Roll-1271 april15

Not feeling very well!
Camera Roll-1324
April 18 - we were able to meet up with a local homeschool group for a special tour of the Music House Museum, where the kids all got to experiment with many different kinds of instruments, including the tuba, trombone, violin, an organ grinder, and homemade sound machines such as a slinky with a foam plate, which amazingly makes the sound of Star Wars lasers! They also got to watch a silent movie - a slapstick comedy with pie throwing and accompanied by the grand organ in the top of the barn that houses the museum. It was a memorable field trip!

Camera Roll-1352

April 20 - Sabbath again, and snowy again. The snow came down hard all morning, until the ground was covered well. And then the sun broke through the clouds and by nightfall the snow seemed like a strange dream.

Sabbath morning snuggle with Daddy.
First bloom, first wasps, and first Star Wars lego creations!

At the Trout Festival the kids got to feed the goats and calf. The big kids all wanted to do the big bounce and so Evie rode the baby train a couple of times. They were all going at the same time, so I had my camera pointed every which way trying to capture it all at once!


Camera Roll-1379
Camera Roll-1370

Camera Roll-1415

Camera Roll-1420Camera Roll-1421

Twert turns 12 soon - and I know he won't be here with us forever. What a faithful little companion he is! I couldn't help but get a bit teary eyed as I edited these pictures!

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Alinutė Šilževičiūtė said...

How interesting to see life by month! Thank you, darling. It looks like I were like a guest at yours house) I promise to do my april in several days!


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