Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Elayna is FIVE!

Hard to believe our little Sunshine girl is 5 years old now! 
She's not a baby any more! Even Josh and Emmy say she's now a "big kid" and can be on their team because she's FIVE. 
Well, she still likes to snuggle with her Momma, so I guess I'll let her be 5 and try not to think about what life is going to look like when she's 15.
She is such a blessing to us, and her greatest joy is found in helping me in the kitchen and helping her Daddy feed the dogs or clean out the garage. A few weeks ago she even wrestled a couple of truck tires on rims from one corner of the garage all the way out the door. And she's such a little peanut!
Small but Mighty!
Our little Sunshine Girl.

_MG_4203.jpg _MG_4231.jpg _MG_4242.jpg _MG_4246.jpg _MG_4256.jpg


cowartclan said...

Oh, the yellow balloons are so sweet! She's a DOLL!!

Rachel said...

Beautiful girl! I love the effect of the balloons in the pictures.


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