Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Oh The Joys of Having a 2 Year Old

A few days ago:

Mommy: "Elayna, it's time to go night-night!"
Elayna: "I don't like it."
Mommy: "It's nap time, you be a good girl and lay down, please."
Elayna: "I don't like it, Momma.....*SNIFF!!!*"
Mommy: ...*Sniff* (mimicking her drama)
Elayna: "No! I... **SNIFF**"
Mommy: "You are a silly Bean!"
Elayna: "No! Don't talka me like that!"


Mommy: "Elayna, you need to keep your clothes on!"
Elayna: "I don't like it."
Mommy: (as I'm redressing her) "It's too cold to be naked. You need to keep your clothes on ALL day."
Elayna: .... "oooooh-kaaay."
Mommy: "I mean it! You'll get sick if you keep taking your clothes off! Can you say 'I will keep'?"
Elayna: "I will keep.."
Mommy: "My clothes on..."
Elayna: "...my clothes on..."
Mommy: "...all day."
Elayna: "...all day."
Mommy: "Good girl."
Elayna: "Amen."

Okay, then.

Apparently she does speak in full sentences and has suddenly erupted in the full 'terrible-two's' independent little attitude.

Apparently this is what I get for finally cutting up her binkies and telling her she's a "Big Girl".

Maybe I should have saved one...

At least I could pretend now and then that she was still my baby. *sigh*

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Nabila Grace said...

Haha love that! It seems like though that sometimes even when they get older that the "2 year old" attitude pops back up... ;)


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