Monday, December 21, 2009

Joshua's Christmas Program

Last week we headed out on a snowy evening to attend Joshua's school Christmas program. It's a very small school, not many kids per grade, so they did the majority of the songs all together as a group.

Joshua, as usual, was not a bit shy. He stood proudly in the front row, forgetting most of the words like the rest of the little ones, and often forgetting the motions that went with the song, too.

His one nervous habit? Tucking and retucking his shirt into his pants. Except he didn't stop there.

Soon he was also tucking in his vest.

His tie went right in with it.

After a few minutes the waistband of his pants was up near his armpits.

I could hear the snickers in the audience as he stuck both hands down the inside of his pant legs and tucked it all in a little further.

And then left his hands there for good measure.

He glanced over at me with a big grin as he tried to remember the words to "Somebody Snitched on Me" and I must have had a slightly stern face because his smile fell a bit. I made some sort of motion (as much as I could with a 2 year old on my lap) and he retrieved his hands.


After the program we mingled with the other parents and ate cookies while Joshua worked the room and talked to all the 6th grade girls.

Yep, that's right, his lack of shyness extends directly toward the older girls, too. His favorite friend was a girl about 12 with curls and glasses. "I like your outfit!" he said boldly to her as we stood in line for punch.

"Well, you look handsome, too, Joshua!", was her reply.

Oh. My.

And to think I was relieved when I found out the little girls have Cooties. Apparently the older girls do not. Good grief.

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