Sunday, July 26, 2009

Happy 4th in the North!

The reason we rarely do anything for the actual 4th of July is because our neighbors go all out and spending many thousands of dollars for their big shindig 2 weeks later. And these fireworks are so much better than the ones we'd see on the edge of the lake with our view crowded by trees after sitting on a blanket holding our spot for several hours.

A few families here in the valley plan their family reunion around that weekend. Friday night tends to get a little wild. Even the thunder, lightening, and rain didn't deter these party people and they kept us awake late into the night. Until our fencer was struck with lightening (halfway between our house and the barn). The crack from that was deafening and we were lucky not to loose electricity to the house! The partiers retreated to their tents after that and we finally made it to sleep.

We had a nice picnic supper with finger sandwiches, lots of fruit, popcorn, and chips, and all sat around the fire and gabbed until it grew dark when we migrated our selves and our fold up chairs out to the road where we had the best view of the neighbors' field. The kids each snuggled down on someone's lap and we all were taken back to the joy and innocence of childhood 4th of July celebrations of years past.

The girls eating their supper at the kids' picnic table.

Emmy chatting with Great Grandma!

Laney was enjoying some cherries and having a fun time with the goggles Grandpa had brought.
Had to get myself in one of the pictures, at least! Laney was eating my food for me and enjoying it, as you can see!
Some of the friends and family that joined us.
Then we were blessed with a beautiful rainbow after a little shower!

My insanely handsome hubby!

Four generations - inspecting the garden, of course, which is more like a bed of weeds than a garden this year.

Emmy was getting sleepy long before it was dark!

Grandpa was popular with the kids, that is, once they realized that "Frank" with his wig and redneck teeth was actually GRANDPA!
Josh was trying to be like "Frank" but got his teeth in upside down!

Then we headed out to watch the show!

Laney started out like this - tucked up close in my lap and hiding under her coat! After a few minutes she started to peek out and enjoyed the rest of the pretty fireworks.


GorgeUSAllens said...

You got some great pix of the fireworks! sounds like a really nice time!

WhisperingWriter said...

Looks like fun.

I love the rainbow!


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