Tuesday, June 16, 2009


March 9, 2009:

I can’t possibly let this day pass without note. Even though my kids are hungry and DH is home, I just have to take a minute and mention that today is a milestone of sorts.

It has officially been 4 months since we’ve seen the ground. Yes, 4 months ago, on Nov. 10, we had snow that came, covered the ground, and never left. A third of a year. 120 days. No swinging on the swingset, no running across the yard, no carefree walks to the river. Granted, the kids have played out in the snow. Or at least, the older two have. Elayna just bungles around in her pink puffy snowsuit and falls down a lot.

Every time there has been a need to go outside, whether to play, or to go to church, or the store, or wherever, it has taken planning, preparation, and a lot of layering.

There have even been two days when the air has warmed up enough to melt some of the snow off. In patches. Where the wind has blown it thinly over the ground on its way to the deeper ruts and valleys to form drifts.

You ever feel like you have become so very stuck in a rut that you can’t remember what it’s like to live up there on the road? That’s exactly how I feel about winter. I can’t remember what it’s like to just open the door and let the kids run out to play in t-shirts and bare feet.

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