Monday, June 22, 2009


We went to the lake today. It was a hot, sticky day, and I tried my best to fight off a headache most of the afternoon. Eventually it became clear that there was no way there would be any cooking done in my kitchen, everyone was hot and grumpy, and we needed to get out of the heat. So we headed to the lake. I called up Colby on my way out of the driveway and had him pick up some cold melons and a loaf of bread on his way home and off we went for a half an hour of dipping our feet in that clear, blue water.

I decided to leave when it was, oh, 5:15 or so. We didn't leave till just after 6. Yes, of course there was all the normal delays of trying to get everyone to use the bathroom, change their clothes, get together towels and extra undies and shoes that match, but there was also this... dilemma.

You see, I only have one pair of shorts. Well, okay, actually I have two. But one of those is a denim pair that came in a big bin of hand-me-down maternity clothes given to me when I was pregnant with my first child. They fit me through the whole summer I was expecting and so I kept them around for "next time", even though they were big and unflattering and just the type of thing you would have sworn as a teenager never to be caught dead in. By the time I got around to having my third child, they barely fit through the first trimester. Now... they just... fit. Yeah. I don't really have that great a relationship with these shorts. They're just back-up in case of emergencies.

My real pair of shorts are... well, let's just call them comfy and leave it at that. I couldn't wear my real shorts to the beach today, though, because I wore them yesterday while gardening and they haven't been washed yet.

You know, most people don't realize how hot and humid this part of the country gets in these few short months of summer, especially considering how long and cold our winters are, but it's true! I do realize I need another pair of shorts. At least one, probably two. But there's this little problem preventing me from doing the necessary shopping:

My thighs and I are not on speaking terms.

If they didn't insist on that cellulite stuff and the sticking together whenever they get anywhere near each other, things might be different. But let's face it: they refuse to budge on the issue and I just can't have them in cahoots with each other in public. So they'll be hidden till further notice.

Today I went for the dubious choice of going with a loose, just below the knee length skirt. That just kind of ended in a stale mate, I must admit. Sure, they were covered up, but they got revenge with the uninhibited sticking. Blech.

The kids enjoyed the lake thoroughly, the older two as fearless of the water as ever, taking turns rushing down the beach and into the water as far as they dared, then back up to the safety of the beach. Even little Laney was joining in the fun pretty boldly.

And - I really enjoyed the whole concept of letting the kids get as dirty and sandy as they wanted and then getting to dunk them into the lake before coming home! As it is now, they go outside in the morning and turn on the hose for maximum mud bath advantages, get as filthy as any raggamuffin you've ever seen, and require baths before lunch. And then, after naps, they do it all over again and need baths before supper. I'm averaging two baths per kid a day! It's insane! Yet so... good for them. *sigh* There are apparently really only two seasons around here: Winter and Mud.

Will talk more about the dirt and mud later... for now, time to go to bed!

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