Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Because it hadn't been 4 hours between the administering of my antibiotics and when Emma Leigh was born, they wanted to keep her for 48 hours to moniter her lungs and make sure she wasn't fighting the Group B Strep infection. She had a lot of mucous in her lungs that she continually spit up, and her breathing was fast, so they decided to run some tests on Monday night. They x-rayed her chest, and took some blood. They tried twice to get into her little veins and couldn't, so they wheeled her off to the NICU to get a baby-vein expert to get it in. She came back with the IV start still in, in case they needed to give her antibiotics. It was hard to watch her go through, but she was a tough little chick and only cried when they swabbed her skin with the cold alcohol preps!  Posted by Picasa

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