Tuesday, February 12, 2013

365 Project: Week 6

Feb. 11: He's a good sport and complies with my requests to go here, stand there, look that way, and all the other random photography experiments I'm constantly doing. But this is definitely his, "Really, Mom, pictures AGAIN?!" look.

Feb. 10: Growing and measuring. I try and try to tell him to stop this growing up stuff, but he just smiles and tells me he just. can't. stop. "8 inches to go, Mom. Then I'll be as tall as you!" *sigh*  His father grew 8 inches in one year, the year he was 11. I'm not ready to be looking UP at my son, but my days of superior altitude are numbered, I'm afraid.

Feb. 9: Emmy, soaking in a post-flu hot bath with a few of her favorite toys.

Feb. 8:  By now they all have a fever and spend the day lying around the living room feeling miserable.

Feb. 7: Sick, feverish baby, sleeping on her favorite princess pillow.

Feb. 6: Icicles from an upstairs window, looking out over the sunrise.

Feb. 5: What happens when Momma is sick? The whole world turns upside down.

Feb 4 (again): A kitty and his girl.

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