Sunday, March 18, 2012

Spring Sprung

...and the south wind blew.
March 2012 028

8 days after those pictures of the snow storm were taken, this is what the same chunk of land looked like:

10 days after we woke up with no power, no water, 15 inches of snow, and -10 degree weather, it was....

....are you ready for this?

81 degrees.


In my 12 years of living in Michigan, this is definitely a first for me. So far the only time I've busted out the shorts in March it was to pack them for a trip to Florida!

Happy Girl

I'm gonna hafta like shave my legs now, man.

Sure, it's been a mild winter and all, but I am just not READY for SUMMER yet. It's MARCH y'all!


I'm convinced the moment I pack up the snow pants and stow away the snow boots the weather will laugh in my face and I'll realize I've just fallen for the best bait-and-switch EVER.


So for the moment I am eyeing the boxes of summer clothes and reluctantly digging out a single item at a time as needed, in all its folded, wrinkly, storage bin glory, worn only if the poor children get so sweaty it's either let them wear it or let them go naked. Which wouldn't bother them any.

As insane as it sounds, we've had 3 days over 80 degrees in the past week, and three more in the immediate forecast.

Now if Torch Lake would just warm up as quickly, we'd be all set. You know, minus the humidity and bugs that inevitably accompany this sort of weather here. And somewhere, in the deep woods of Michigan, a tiny black fly bursts forth, hungry, seeking its prey...

Sunset 1


Rachel said...

Maybe the bugs will hatch and they're get frozen this year??? Hears to hoping... We haven't had more than a day or two of 70 in WA.

Lisa said...

Rachel - that's what I'm hoping, but then if that happens I think it would be pretty devastating to the fruit crops. The trees are already budding and by the end of the week with these temps we'll probably see a lot of flowers and trees blooming. I see the forecast for WA is MUCH colder, usually it's the other way around!


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