Thursday, March 22, 2012


Driving down the road last week, I overheard this conversation in the back seat:

Elayna: "...and there will be 3 Mommas and 2 Daddies in our house. And there will be a baby and I will born the baby!"

Emmy: "Hey! I'm NOT A BOY!"

Elayna: (pausing for a moment) "There will be 4 Mommas and 2 Daddies! I didn't call you a boy!"

Emmy: "But I'm not going to be a Momma. Mommas have stretched out skin all over their tummy and I don't want to have that."

Me: *Cough*Choke*

Elayna: "But... EMMY!"

Emmy: "And besides that, we are NOT going to have babies, we are going to be WORLD EXPLORERS, remember? You can't be a world explorer if you have babies!"

Elayna: "Well, I changed my mind."

Emmy: "You CAN'T change your mind, Bean! You HAVE to be a world explorer!"

Elayna: "Yes, I CAN!"

Emmy: "But Bean, we're going to have the *Yellow* explorer truck! The YELLOW one, Bean!"

Elayna: "No, we're not!"

Emmy: "Yes, we are!"

Elayna: "No, we're NOT!"

Emmy: "YES WE ARE."

At this point I was chuckling and they were giving up on each other.



Rachel said...

Yeah, my oldest girl declares she's not gonna be a mommy. She's gonna be a Mexican cook. Then while helping me cook ( against her will) she told me she was gonna be a cook that didn't have to use smoke ( steam).

Lisa said...

Rachel - LOL! That's so cute! Usually Emmy tells me she wants 5 babies. At least our girls have the chance yet to change their minds a few times while they dream and the opportunities for them are as endless as God's resources. For that I'm thankful!

alinute said...

oh, such cute! Nijole wants to live with us and says that she doesn't need husband at all )))


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