Friday, September 23, 2011

AIMS Education Foundation - TOS Review!

I was able to receive a copy of AIMS Education Foundation's Getting Into Geometry book for Grades K-1 for review last month, and I am very happy to be able to share this with you!

AIMS Education Foundation is a non-profit foundation that provides hands-on science and math for students grades K-9 in an affordable, easy-to-use format.

They offer:
  • Activity Books
  • E-Activities
  • Essential Math
  • Classroom Sets
  • Labs, Kits & Components
  • Literature Links
  • Math Resources
  • Science Resources
  • State Specific Science (for certain states)
  • AIMS Magazine
The Activity Book that I was given to review -

Getting Into Geometry - is aimed for grades K-1 children and contains 48 activities and is 264 pages. Included with the book is a cd of printable worksheets to use, a very helpful tool to go with this book!

The book is laid out in very easy-to-use fashion, with lessons clearly outlined under headings such as, Key Question, Learning Goal, Management, Procedure, and Connected Learning, among others. The Procedure heading is broken into specifcs steps to follow in teaching a classroom about the concept for that lesson.

If there is a printable to go with that lesson, it will be found immediately following the lesson plan so you know exactly what you are looking for on the cd to print out in appropriate quantities for the children you are teaching.

I enjoyed the layout, the prep work was very minimal thanks to the very specific instructions and plan to follow. I used this with my grade 1 girl and pre-K girl and they enjoyed the activities very much and asked several times to do more! This appeals very much to a kinesthetic learner, but I believe every lesson in the AIMS products would as they have a philosophy about the most effective way to learn:

"At AIMS, we believe that hands-on math and science is the most effective way to develop conceptual understanding." - from the AIMS website, emphasis provided by me.

The lesson plans and activities are definitely aimed at being a tool for the classroom teacher, with multiple students to teach and direct in these hands-on activities, however, I did not find it terribly difficult to adjust to teaching only two children. I find Getting Into Geometry to be a valuable homeschool tool for me that I will continue to use this year and may branch out to other AIMS products for my son as well.

The beginning lessons start out very simplistic, but they do build upon each other and could be used over any period of time that you deem appropriate.

You can find the Getting Into Geometry book here at the AIMS Educational Foundation website for $24.95 or call 888.733.2467 for more information.

For more reviews on this and other AIMS Education Foundation products, you can see them here at the TOS crew blog!

*I received this product free of charge in return for an honest review only.


Jennifer said...

These hands on geometry lessons look like fun.

Sweetpeas said...

Your girls are so cute, looks like they had fun with their geometry lessons!


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