Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Flub, Flub, Flubber

Have you ever played with....flubber?

close up

It's pretty neat stuff. It's this gelatonous, starchy, rubbery, gooey STUFF that kids LOVE to play with. Particularly when their Auntie (say: ON-tee) made it all pinky and glittery, and when it's been sitting long enough to get really gooey.

Harmless fun, right?

Educational benefits outweigh the messy risks, right?

Those sweet faces convince us all of their complete lack of guile, right?!


J's self portrait


So while the girls played oh-so-happily with their flubber at the properly assigned, designated area (aka the kitchen table) and Joshua busied himself with taking the above self-portrait, I stepped outside for just a tad bit of privacy during a phone conversation.

fun with flubber

Children, it turns out, should never be left unsupervised with flubber. Not even with strict rules in place which have always been previously enforced with gusto.

Nope. Should not be left unsupervised.

Unless you like to see your couch looking like....


flubber on the couch

On a good note, a direct, vigorous, immediate scrubbing with straight white vinegar DOES dissolve flubber. Yet another good use for vinegar! Time consuming, yes, but fortunately for the couch, effective.

So, what have I learned?

Well, children should not be left unsupervised while...

oh, wait.

What did I leave my kids doing so I could write this post?

...'scuse me.... I gotta go!


Anonymous said...

So glad the flubber came out of the fabric on your couch. That is another great use for White Vinegar! Love the pictures, love the that you can see the Humor, that's not always easy at the moment. I think I'll stick with Play-Dough.. he he..

Noteable Scraps said...

Love it! So, do you have a recipe for flubber? Would love that, too! :)

Lisa said...

Hi, thank you! There is a link in the post up at the top that takes you to the OMSI website where there is a recipe for flubber!


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