Monday, November 15, 2010

Emmy Turns 5!

Emmy turned 5 on the 13th.

She was so excited about taking pink cupcakes to school for her class on Friday. I thankfully did not have to take 60 cupcakes for the whole school this time, only 18. Just enough for K-2, their teacher, and the teacher's aide. I made only 3 dozen this time. And a cake. So I had extras for the actual birthday gathering Sat. night. But we'll get to that.

I had baked the cupcakes Thursday morning, but then when the day turned out to be gloriously beautiful I couldn't bring myself to spend the afternoon frosting cupcakes and a cake. We stopped on the way home from school and went on a hike instead. It was a fantastic way to spend the afternoon.

And then we got home. And everyone was tired and hungry, the kitchen was a mess and my surfaces were covered with cupcakes, a cake, frosting supplies, dirty dishes, etc. I didn't get to the part about frosting the cupcakes until after the kids were in bed, and by then, I couldn't find the pink sprinkles I'd bought just for these cupcakes.

I look high. I looked low. I found no such sprinkles. I even went to Emmy's room and clumped around in the dark trying to find them by feel and sound. I picked up a few things with the right shape, but they didn't sound like sprinkles, so I tossed 'em back to wherever they came from.

I gave up eventually and dug out the white sprinkles from the week before.

I mean, it's not like there wasn't enough pink anyway, even without the sprinkles. My girl is a pinky girl from the word go, so I'd planned on all kinds of pink things for her birthday:

A new pink silky dress,

pink pudding,

pink juice,

pink whoppers,
(which are actually quite good!)

Pink candles...
You get the picture, right?

But while my precious little girly-girl loves her pink blankie, her pink dress, her pink ballerina tutu and everything else pink, she also loves a certain cartoon character named Diego.

Diego is an Animal Rescuer.

No joke. That's what he calls himself.

And Emmy... well, Emmy loves only one thing more than Pink: Rescuing Animals.

Well, bugs, anyway. She hasn't really come across any big critters to rescue yet, but I am SURE those days are coming and my house will be filled with bunnies, squirrels, cats, mice, and anything else she can get her little paddies on.

So a few months ago she decided that she wanted a "Diego" cake for her 5th birthday. She talked about it non-stop. She wanted to carry the cake pan around with her after we found one at the store. She told everyone she was getting a "Diego" cake for her birthday.

And then it came time to decorate Diego. Diego, of course, was made from pink strawberry flavored batter.

I should have seen it coming.

Or maybe I should have just decorated Diego while Emmy was in school. But no, no I had to involve Emmy in the process, and the next thing I knew, Diego no longer needed to be decorated with a dozen different shades of frosting.

No, Diego now needed to be... pink.

With pink sprinkles.

You know, since her pink cupcakes had gone to school with *gasp* white sprinkles instead of pink and now there was a whole bottle of pink sprinkles just waiting to be used on some poor unsuspecting confection.

I talked her into letting his hair be brown.

I'm not sure that really helped, though.

I really did put on a number 3 tip and outline his face, hands, feet, and even his rescue pack. But in the end, when everything is the same shade of pink it doesn't really look like I did anything of the sort.

Emmy took great pleasure in helping.... by putting on the "missing" pink sprinkles that she came up with just in time for this activity!

And so, without further ado, I'd like to introduce you to:
Pepto Man!

That's okay, sweetie. He tasted just as good whether he looked like Diego or not!

Happy Birthday, my little Emmy-Anne!


Anonymous said...

I loved this story.. How cute.. pink is such a sweet, precious color. I think that's why most little girls like the color. It represents their purity. I love the Pepto Man, This will make a great story to tell her on her next birthday!! Love you guys..

Anonymous said...


Nabila Grace said...

SO classic! I think that Pepto Man is very handsome! ;o)

Anna said...

I love the color pink. I think it's the best color in world. That being said, poor Diego!
Do you make your own frosting? I am supposed to come up with a cowboy cake in December for my soon to be three year old and need some frosting ideas!

Lisa said...

Anna - I didn't make the frosting this time. Once she decided to make him pink I figured it was useless to make the frosting so I opened up a can of betty crocker frosting! lol. For making a character cake like this, there is usually a recipe for frosting on the back of the picture insert. I think the buttercream frosting tastes a little better than the traditional, but it's not as white. GL with the cowboy cake!

Lisa said...

I meant to say the picture insert that comes in the cake pan!


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