Thursday, September 23, 2010

Swiftly Fly The Years

My son has a large collection of LEGOs. And every day roughly half of them end up on his bedroom floor, despite many efforts to achieve some sort of organization system that keeps them in bins, on tables, or in the queen size flat sheet that can be laid out so they can be dug through and then picked up by just grabbing up the four corners!

Just when I thought my next step as a parent would be to remove some of the LEGOs from his collection until the time came when Josh could prove to be more organized and responsible... his other parent... *ahem* a.k.a. "the LEGO king"... proceeds to go down to the basement and retrieve A FEW of his old LEGO sets.

Yes, that's right, my 30-something husband has kept ALL of his LEGOs from his childhood, has taken extremely good care of them, and now owns complete sets from the 80's that are worth, together, a couple grand on ebay. Go figure. And I thought those bins and boxes in the basement were just taking up space.

You should see the collection of large tonka trucks and other similar sized equipment.

At least those stay out in the shop.


So, last weekend Colby pulled out one of the boxes of his old LEGOs and proceeded to build two large pirate ships in the living room, complete with pirates, parrots, monkeys, and canons that shoot! Joshua was beside himself with joy.

They played for hours, both of them lost in their LEGO world, until at one point Joshua stopped, sat back, and grew pensive. After a while Colby turned and asked him, "What are you thinking, son?"

Without hesitation his response came back, "I think you love me, Dad."

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