Thursday, September 16, 2010

Love You Too, Toad!

We were talking about relatives and how people are related to each other while driving home from school today. Josh was full of questions for me. Like this one:

Joshua: "What is Auntie Raini for you?"

Me: "Auntie Raini is my Sister-In-Law."

Joshua: "Sister what?!"

Me: "My Sister-In-Law. That means that she is not my sister by birth, but she is my sister by law because I married her brother."

Joshua: "...Oh."

Me: "But I love her like she's my sister!"

Joshua: "And I love you like you're my momma!"

Well, okay, then!

1 comment:

SKA said...

hahahaha PRICELESS!
I can't wait until Tristan is talking. Although by then I'll probably regret my eagerness now. He currently babbles nonstop like a regular little preacher - complete with voice inflections and growls and all the sound effects. I wonder what drama novel he's writing in his head! When he does figure out words, I'm guessing it'll be a real challenge to get him to shut up. LOL


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