Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Summer Prego

I realize it's now like 65 and raining, but this was written over a week ago when it was miserably hot but I didn't have internet so I couldn't post it. I have a couple more to post eventually, too!

Welcome to the Third Trimester.

Oh. And say "Hello!" to Summer.

It has been in the 80's and 90's for the past week.

Did I mention I'm PREGNANT?

I... am not.. a hot weather type of person. Even when I'm not knocked up.

I'm allergic to humidity. No, really. I'm sweating just thinking about it. It makes me do things like lose my sense of modesty and flop around aimlessly on the couch while my children make messes around me.

One time I was on this road trip with my soon-to-be in-laws and discovered that upstate New York really does get hot and humid during the month of August. Apparently when I was packing for this trip I was thinking, "New England! Cool, crisp, clear air!". Right? Wrong. Hey. I'd never been there before.

The only places I'd encountered humidity previously was in the mosquito infested backyards of the lower midwest and the jungles of Brazil.

I mean, I grew up in Washington, for Pete's sake. Mountains, coastal air, temperate climate, more mountains. In Washington, the only way we experience extra moisture in the air is in the form of RAIN.

I like rain. Heat, humidity, sunshine... these things just don't appeal to my melancholy side, I guess. And living in Washington, you just have to have a melancholy side that likes to stand out in the rain and let it pour down over you while you ponder lost dreams and such.

Or something like that. Grass is always greener, right?

Anyway, back to that road trip, next thing I knew I was perched in the back window of an old Suburban clawing into my suitcase for shorts and a t-shirt and if someone hadn't yelled, "Pull Over!" (who was that, anyway?) I am pretty certain I would have attempted a change of clothing on the go kinda like what I used to do back in the day while driving my car.... but we won't get into that.

So, yeah. Not a fan of humidity. I've been trying to get God to put an end to that particular curse to mankind, but I don't think I'm getting through here.

Seriously, if I could just park myself in front of the little window unit air conditioner wearing nothing but my skivies in the chaise lounger with a mocha frappe, a pint of Ben & Jerry's and a laptop I'd be happy.

And that dream is about as far from feasable reality as winning the lottery when I never play it.

So instead I often find myself plopped in bed at the end of the day, propped up on pillows with my big ole' belly sticking up in front of me, eating ice cream, with a cold washcloth tossed across each swollen foot with little sausage toes poking up at me and a tiny little fan miserably attempting to make a difference in our hot bedroom.

Because for some reason, our bedroom is the hottest room in the house. It doesn't matter WHAT I do trying to keep the room from getting all hot and nasty during the day, it refuses to cooperate.

I'd insist on having the little air conditioner in there to make sleeping a little more bearable, but it's really not a good idea.

You see, we live in a REALLY old farmhouse. Our bedroom used to be the front porch. Then someone threw up some walls and called it a room. Oh. And when they added electricity at some point, they remembered the old front porch and added ONE outlet.

We already have it totally overloaded.

It runs our TV, VCR, my tiny little miserable fan, and goes around the corner with a power strip to run the computer, printer, and monitor in the office.

Yep, pretty sure trying to add the AC would be a quick way to blow a fuse.

Or start a fire.

I COULD try and rearrange a few rooms to make it work out, but that would mean an expenditure of energy that will just simply HAVE to wait until it cools off first. But then I'll be cooled off and probably won't remember why it was so important to rearrange half the household. And thus begins a very vicious cycle.

Ah, well. I keep telling myself that I need to take it all "One day at a time". But then I remember that I will still be pregnant tomorrow.

And joy of all joys, as long as I'm still pregnant, (and growing bigger by the day, I might add) it will still be summer.

Yay Me. I only have 12 weeks or so more of this to endure. Time to go attempt to get some sleep in between bathroom trips, baby kicking, insomnia, fighting with the pillows to get comfy, and an unbearably HOT bedroom.


Anonymous said...

I totally understand.. I had my baby on Aug. 31st.. no humidity.. but it was hot!

Raini said...

End of July.... In Indiana with one window unit and a huge old house. I feel your pain sister!!!!! But at least you haven't lost your sense of humor. But even if you have I couldn't tell cause you are funny even when miserable (labor for baby #1, riiiiiide the wave, LOL)


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