Saturday, September 12, 2009

Josh Goes To School

After all the fun of the family visiting, we had to quickly switch gears and get our schedule switched around to getting up at 6 and off to school before 7. Bedtime comes earlier now, too, but still not early enough for me these days! Our lives just went up a notch on the Busy Scale.

So, yes, the first day was hard. Thankfully it was a half day. We'd been to the school and met the teachers previously, but Josh was still not enthused about "being dropped off". He was fine with going to school, just not with me leaving. After a few tears in the hallway and a pep talk on the phone with Daddy, he was more composed. I sat in his classroom with him for 5 minutes and then edged my way toward the door. After I slipped out, I stood in the hallway for a while to make sure he wasn't going to come running out the door looking for me. Pretty soon I heard his voice, telling his classmates and teachers some story of his, probably about dinosaurs. I knew he'd be okay after that.

By the third day he was hopping out of the car and I was running to catch up with him. Without a hug or a kiss he called out, "Bye, Mom!" and popped into the classroom without me. I couldn't believe it. A little hesitation still would have been nice for this poor Mama's heart!

It's a very small school, less than 50 students, grades K-8. I'd love to talk all about the school he's going to, 'cause I think it's really cool, but I'll refrain from that seeing as how this IS the internet, after all.

Here he is on his first day:


Anonymous said...

Do you see his cap and gown??? Before you know it, he will be marching forward to receave his diploma... He looks so big, so self confident. He will do great! Grandma Snicklefritz.

Lisa said...

AAAHHHH!!! Now I totally can! Are you trying to make me cry?!


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