Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Cookies With Emmy

Since Josh is in school and Elayna is taking a late morning nap, Emmy and I decided we needed to find a project for us "big girls" to tackle together! So we have determined to make it through our whole cookie recipe book! I love to bake, and Emmy enjoys helping me measure and stir. We are having lots of fun experimenting on all of these new cookie recipes, so I thought I'd share a little with you.

Our first recipe was called "Back Bay Cookies" and seemed a little daunting because we were supposed to find some chestnuts to use. Finally I gave up and we bought a little package of macadamia nuts to use instead.

They turned out wonderfully, and it will definitely be a recipe I use again, once I can find some chestnuts around here or buy some macadamia nuts in bulk so they're a bit cheaper!

Anyway, because this is going to be an ongoing project, I decided to start up a new blog for those interested in seeing the recipes and the cookies and hear the reviews:


That way we don't fill up this blog with myriads of cookie pictures and recipes! I'll have to add a link to the sidebar too so you can find it easier.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Those cookies look wonderful. And I think the Macadamia nuts should always be used..
What great memories you are making.. Love Mom. (Grandma Snicklefritz)


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