Saturday, December 08, 2007

The Fun of the Great Grand Box

As usual, the most fun thing ever invented is ~The Box~ better known as The Fort, The Castle, The Ship, The House, etc. etc. etc. The kids played in it for several days, until they started to tear one of the corners, which doesn't make Momma happy when she needs it to put the tree back in it after Christmas! Here Josh is feeding Elayna a bottle in The Box, something which made him feel very important! He loves helping me with her any way he can. In fact, one day he tried to be so helpful he got her out of her crib!!! I was downstairs, heard a thump, and a little cry, but I thought Joshua must have shared a toy with her or something. Next thing I knew, I heard Joshua coming down the stairs, and he came right over to me and said he got Elayna out of her crib! But he couldn't get her all the way down the stairs and needed my help. !!!! I ran up the stairs with my heart pounding to find her in crawling position right at the top of the stairs. Josh and I had a little talk about where his helpfulness needed to end! Dec. 2, 2007.

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