Saturday, December 08, 2007


I was experimenting with my camera last week, trying to figure out what all the buttons were capable of doing. These were some I took after the decorating was done and the kids were playing by the tree. Dec. 2, 2007.


appleallen said...

It looks like Josh gets a real kick out of Laney! I bet those two are going to be keeping you on your knees as they get older. They seem to operate on the same speed!

Grandma Snicklefritz said...

It is Jan. 4th, and Christmas is over..but even though I know your computer is not working, and you were not likely to have anything new on your blog.. I just had to sneak in, and quietly visit with you. I miss you.. and seeing my beautiful grandkids on your blog helps. I must not have taken the time to read all you posted..when I was here last. Or was in too big of a hurry to see the energy and excitment in each picture. But I can clearly see that the kids are having the time of their lives with that wonderful box.!! It's amazing what a big box can become. Dad always said, don't spend too much on the gift, because the kids will soon set aside the gift just to play with the box.
As I close my eyes and search my memorry of Christmas's long ago, I can recall the giggles that filled the house when you and your brothers were imagining all the wonderful things your box could be. I'm sure there was a jet, or space shuttle in your brother's imagination. For Jake, a dirt bike, and for you.. hmm. maybe a big wheel!!
Thank you for catching those memories for me again.. in the next generation. Time repeats itself..
Amazing what a digital camera can do.. Thank-you.. It's been a great Christmas.. Thanks for sharing... I've enjoyed my visit.. Love Mom..


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