Tuesday, February 28, 2006

What will my 2-year-old say next?

My son surely is related to Colby's side of the family...

Yesterday when we went to visit Colby at the jobsite he let me know just exactly how opinionated he really is. As we were leaving he pointed at "Grandpa Don's" truck, which has a snow plow on the front of it and said, "Snow plow truck, it's a snow plow truck!". Then he ran his little finger down the side of it, inspected his dirty finger, looked at the truck and said, "Truck needs to be washed, truck needs to be washed." I laughed. How does a 2-year-old come up with these things on his own?

Joshua has taken to grabbing up an old cell-phone of mine, jumping into his "Toad Boat", one hand on the steering wheel and the other holding the phone up to his ear, jabbering away. Then he slams the phone down on the front of the boat, looks up at me and says, "I go to work. Bye.", then wildly steering his boat and yelling, "I drive too fast, I drive too fast!!!" until his phone falls off the front of the boat, then he happily repeats the cycle.

This past Sunday Josh was riding with Colby in the big truck, following "Uncle" Josh in his Bronco and Emmy and I in my Explorer. We drove down Valley road and turned onto Underhill which was very icy. We all went sideways as we turned in, and barely escaped getting stuck in the opposite bank. Colby (of course) took the opportunity to do a few fishtails between the bridges and the driveway, made the driveway a bit wider as the duals went through the deep snow over our yard, then came to a quick stop behind me. When we all got in the house he said that Joshua was yelling, "Daddy drive too fast, Daddy drive too fast" the whole time, then stuck out his arms and said, "WHOA!!" when he stopped the truck. He was NOT scared, or worried, just expressing his opinion!

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