Friday, February 10, 2006

The screaming tower of terror! This ride is called the SkeiKra and it plunges 200 ft at a full 90 degree angle. What you see here is our platform which hold 4 rows of 8 seats. You sit in a seat, but your feet dangle beneath you. It takes you up a long incline, then around a semicircle at the top, then tips you over the edge and holds you there in terrifying suspense. You can't see the track beneath you until it curves out a long ways beneath you. It inches you forward, then suddenly you feel like you're free falling straight to the ground! It was so fun! Dad and I were SO missing you, Raini!!! We rode it twice in the back row, then I got brave and we rode the very front, arms up and legs dangling, screaming my lungs out! Ha ha! What a blast! Afterwards I had to go to the gift shop and buy the shirt that said, "Ride once, you're crazy, ride twice, you're an animal!" What are you if you ride it 3 times? Insane? Feb. 1, 2006  Posted by Picasa

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