Thursday, December 08, 2005

This is Joshua yesterday morning talking to Grandma A. He's pointing at a scratch he has on his knee and telling her about it. And no, he's not completely naked! He does have training pants on! Every morning and every night we go through this mostly-naked phase where Josh begs to have a fuzzy blankie on his tummy or his legs. And so we wrap him up in a fuzzy blankie and he laughs a special laugh and snuggles in until his restlessness gets the better of him and he gets up to go play with his trucks or tractors. At which point we wrestle him down and get him dressed! Oh, and I have a *News Flash*: Joshua Toad has suddenly and completely abandoned his yellow fuzzy blankies!! Instead, he wants the Sponge Bob fuzzy blankie that has been hanging around here unnoticed for about a year! December 7, 2005 Posted by Picasa

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Old Logger Productions said...

What a precious picture. Grandma A, really treasures these phone visits. They are all I have. Its very hard to be so far away, and only get to see him once a year!!! Thank-goodness for Verizon! And Blogs, and email!!


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