Thursday, December 08, 2005

Here's a good profile shot of Emma Leigh. We had the home visit from the nurse at the Health Department on Tuesday. At 3 weeks and 2 days Emma Leigh weighed 9 lbs. 15.5 oz. Just half an ounce shy of 10 lbs. At 24 hours old she weighed 8 lbs. 7 oz., so she has gained 24.5 ounces in 3 weeks, which is about 8 oz/wk. The nurse said a good weight gain is 5-8 oz/wk, so we're doing good! December 7, 2005 Posted by Picasa

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Old Logger Productions said...

Well her looks have sure changed from when I saw her last at 3 days old. She looks like Joshua! How nice to have your family look alike. I guess Colby's side is more dominate.


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