Thursday, August 11, 2005

The running of the goats! They go out and get their exercise running back and forth in the arena every evening. Or, at least some get their exercise. Then there are the stubborn old nannies who have to be pushed along by their little owners, or chased by the hoary old billy goats, which worked, too. This is what Joshua and I did during the Tough Truck competition. We got to the grandstands almost an hour early and got good seats, but at the first sight of a truck going over a high burm, our son burst into hysterical tears! It was kind of comical at first, how seriously he was taking it, but when he wouldn't be consoled and couldn't be convinced that everyone was okay, we left and walked around the fair. Colby and I took turns watching the trucks run the course. And as long as Josh was outside the wall and couldn't see what was going on he was fine. Poor little Toad! Maybe next year! August 10, 2005.  Posted by Picasa

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