Thursday, April 11, 2013

365 Project: Week 14

Watched over by Petrie the Pterodactyl on his graham cracker tower, the kids grudgingly get back to their school work.

Dusk. So mild, a little spring scent to the air. Too bad that didn't last!

Someone fell asleep in the car with gum in her mouth, then hid the gum stuck in her hair from me until it was nice and gummed in and hard. After an hour or two of softening it and working it out with olive oil slathered on, she was finally ready for a second bath to get nice and clean. She really didn't want a haircut but I was thisclose!!

Saying goodbye to Reb as we get ready to head home. Evelyn is the only one of my kids who has lived at our farm without any horses around. Yet she's very interested in them and has no fear at all! She loves her Breyers, was over the moon when we had the Sleigh Ride at Christmas, and when Reb wandered away from the fence she marched out after him saying, "I go get him!" until Auntie Raini rescued her. Reb wouldn't hurt a fly (unless it looked like a dog) but having a little caution around a big critter is still necessary, little one!


Riding bikes together in the cold Indiana sunshine. Of course, the day we left it returned to a happy, warm 70 degrees. And we drove home to....more snow.

At the playground, which was really cool and full of neat stuff you don't often see at playgrounds: a barrel roll, a big rock to climb on, and this four-tire twirling swing. This was my first attempt at trying some "panning" shots. Kind of fun and different!

After some time at the library the day before, the kids were enjoying their new books and some not-so-quiet reading time. Both of these boys are intense information-sharers. So about every 30 seconds one of them piped up with something they needed to read or point out to the other! It was so nice to be able to watch them together.

Another one from April 1 - because one of the best parts of Spring Break was being able to go enjoy some time girl time with my best friend! We shopped, went to bookstores, sat lazily and sipped coffee, and enjoyed some great food. Not a moment (or bite) of this was taken for granted!
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