Thursday, October 13, 2011

Visit to Washington

The drive on the first day of our trip was.... say the least, but the following day was fast and furious! Up at 3, airport at 5, flight before 7.

Actually, the Indianapolis airport was great. It wasn't crowded, we didn't have to wait in any lines at all, and even if we did, they had a FAMILY lane through security, which is the best invention since the Jetway.

We made it through our first flight, our layover in Denver, and the tried to take someone else's luggage in Portland, but all in all it was an uneventful trip west.

Going back through PDX on the way east, though, was not a fun experience.

Oh, but the rest of the trip was SO much fun! What a blessing to be able to watch my kids play with their cousins, to connect the little dots in their heads about who goes where and with what family, to be taught just a tiny bit by Papa and spoiled just a smidge by Grandma Snicklefritz.

We swam in the pool.

Ate blackberries.

Hiked in the woods.

Bonded with our cousins.

Swam in cold, clear pools of mountain streams.

Hung out and drank coffee.

Went to the zoo.

Celebrated a first birthday (and a 36th birthday, and a 37th anniversary!)

Visited old familiar places.

Saw beautiful sunsets.....

....and my sweet grandma.

Went to the coast.

And got a little crazy with a hummer on the beach......

Okay, maybe a LOT crazy with the hummer on the beach...

It's hard sometimes, to be so far away from people I love so much, but I will try and savor every memory we made in the (very) short two weeks we spent in Washington!


Anonymous said...

Missing you!! sniff, sniff..
Love the pictures.. Miss those moments.. Mom~

Rachel said...

I love your posts Lisa. Glad you had that time to reconnect to your family. I don't see mine as much as I'd like either, though they are much closer. A mere 800 miles away. =)


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