Monday, August 23, 2010

A Little Laney Bean Anecdote

Just wanted to share this cute little tidbit before it got lost in the shuffle:

Teaching a little girl how to properly put on her undies can be tricky sometimes. Three holes in the material and two legs to place correctly often turns up some.. interesting.. configurations. Usually I tell Laney to find the bow on the front and that helps her put them on the right way. But not all little girls' panties have bows on the front. So I'll say, look for the tag, the tag goes in the back. But, again, not all panties have tags in the back. Most notably, baby gap panties. Their tag, for whatever reason, is in the front. And off-center.

Totally confusing for my little girl.

The other day I caught her running around with her gap panties on backwards. It was ridiculously cute and funny, particularly if you get a kick out of wedgies.

I laughed a little as I said to her, "Elayna, come here, baby, I can see your butt crack! Let me help you fix it."

She whipped her head around and stared at me with utter dismay.

"OH NO!!!", she cried, "My butt is CRACKING!"

Oh my. Poor little thing. Took a while to convince her that her rear end, was, indeed, just fine and that there was definitely NOT a need for a great big band-aid.

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