Wednesday, July 07, 2010

My Little Emmy - Future Entomologist

My Emmy-girl is quite a character.

She is quick to laugh (quite the infectious laugh,too!)...

...and quick to cry.

A bit of a prankster.

With a reeeaaaally short fuse MAYBE a bit of a quick temper.

Wonder how that's going to go in the teenage years.

Well, any way you look at it, life with her is always fun!

Because this is one fearless girl who is ALWAYS on an adventure!

Always ready to try whatever pops into her head fascinating new ideas.. (like creating new hair styles)

..has always been my little artiste... SCARY little T-Rex (making her big brother oh-so-proud!)...

.. and even finding a quiet moment here or there to do one of her very favorite things: put together a puzzle (of a spider, of course).

Somehow she still finds the time to be a fashionista and loves her princess dresses! Especially if they're PINK!


And while she has always been MY little butterfly, little did I know how far her love for critters would go!

It all started with Twert...

...and her love of the horses...

...then we got a cat...

...or two.

But domesticated critters were never enough for my girl! Especially when there were frogs to catch!

Even right in our own yard!

Yes, and even the dead, crispy frog needed to be brought in to examine and (eventually) bury. Kind of like the dead bird... and then the dead mouse that was exhumed several times for good measure. Yes, we go through A LOT of soap around here.

On any given day, you can find Emmy with some sort of bug in her clutches. Mostly flies. Flies are her favorite. She is not afraid of any bug (well, maybe a little afraid of lady bugs) and bugs are not afraid of her! Flies land on her and let her catch them! Grasshoppers sit on her fingers! Even spiders know right where to find a kind soul to let them out instead of squish them. Beetles, worms, crickets, you name it, Emmy has befriended it. She is heartbroken when they inevitably die or escape from wherever she has stashed them (We won't even get into that kind of fun topic for now).
Today, it is this little fellow: a moth that currently resides in a container in the kitchen.

Yep, she says she will be a paleontologist just like her brother (aren't big brothers the COOLEST?!), but I think entomologist is a much more likely path for my little bug girl!

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Anonymous said...

Your story captured the very inocence of a child.. and their interests. Your pictures were perfect for the many emotions that she goes through.. Very well done.. I love it!! Yes, I think she will be a Entomologist too. I do believe some kids show an interest in things early in life. Like your brothers.. Love ya! Great story!! Grandma Snicklefritz.


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