Tuesday, May 11, 2010

According to Joshua

The Self-Portrait:

Some bits of conversation from this weekend:

Josh: "Hey!"
Me: "Hay is for horses."
Josh: (after a pause) "No, Mom, 'H' is for Horses. And 'P' is for People!" (shaking his head..)

Me: "Joshua, do you know what day it is?"
Josh: "Sunday?"
Me: "It's Mother's Day!"
Josh: "It's Mother's Day?! Happy Mother's Day, Mom!"
Me: "Thank you! Are you going to take me out to breakfast?"
Josh: (very seriously) "Yes, Mom, I WILL take you out to breakfast. We can buckle the girls up in the back seat, and I can turn the steering wheel, but you will have to run the pedals, and I will take you to TROUT TOWN!! I know how to get there."
Me: (laughing) "Oh, that's very sweet Joshua, but it's not legal for you to drive the car in town! Are you going to pay for it, too?!"
Josh: "....Where's my piggy bank?"

I LOVE that little boy!!!

He was the 'Man of the House' this weekend and he took that job very seriously, helping me with his sisters, bringing in load after load of wood for the fire, kindling from the barrels in the garage, and feeding the dogs. Even after he ran out of split wood to bring in, he took his wagon and searched for more, bringing in a full load of sticks and branches. Watching him pull on his hat, gloves, and coat and heading out into the snow to do what needed to be done without complaining, my heart melted. I am so proud to call him MY son!

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GorgeUSAllens said...

You're raising a really great young man! That kid is GRADE A!!!


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